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TheChat: Eric Greitens looks at the opportunities ahead

Greitens AP

Good morning.

▪ “What we earned yesterday is something sacred: the privilege to serve.” — Missouri Gov.-elect Eric Greitens on his victory Tuesday.

In his email missive to supporters, Greitens called himself a “servant-leader.” He said his mission is to “create a stronger Missouri, to take this state in a new and better direction.” That means, he said, more jobs, better pay, safer streets and better schools.

▪ “The Kansas Republican Party's dominance of the state's top elective offices remains unbroken.” — Kansas GOP chairman Kelly Arnold on Republican victories Tuesday.

Republicans continue to control all statewide offices as they have since the 2010 election. That’s the longest such GOP streak in the state in more than 100 years, Republicans said.

▪ “We're taking Kansas back!” — former state Sen. Wint Winter, a Lawrence Republican who is chairman of the Save Kansas Coalition, reporting that Gov. Sam Brownback will begin the 2017 session with 29 fewer votes for his agenda.

Winter is referring to election results in both the primary and general elections this year which resulted in the defeats of numerous conservative lawmakers who had backed Brownback’s initiatives.

▪ “ I am sorry.” — Hillary Clinton conceding the 2016 presidential race in a statement to supporters Wednesday in which she apologized for not winning.

Some outlets reported that the concession was “painful.” The loss appears to end Clinton’s political career.