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Jim Talent, Sam Brownback on list of potential cabinet members in Trump administration


Gov. Sam Brownback may be unpopular in Kansas, but he’s under consideration as President-elect Donald Trump’s secretary of agriculture.

That’s according to a report out today from Politico.

Joining Brownback on the list to oversee the nation’s farms is former Texas Gov. Rick Perry and Sid Miller, the Texas ag secretary who recently got in hot water for a choice name that his campiagn’s Twitter account used to describe Hillary Clinton.

Obviously, a Brownback selection would have enormous political consequences at home. The chief one: It would elevate Lt. Gov. Jeff Colyer to the governorship and give him a leg up should he decide to seek the office in 2018. Other names mentioned include Congresswoman Lynn Jenkins, Secretary of State Kris Kobach and Congressman Mike Pompeo.

Another MO-KAN name on the Politico list: former Missouri Sen. Jim Talent, who is being mentioned for defense secretary.

Talent, who also is a former state lawmaker, is a widely respected by members of both parties and is regarded as an expert on military matters.