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The end is near. Trailwatch for Nov. 4

Johnson Countians stuff the ballot box with their votes
Johnson Countians stuff the ballot box with their votes The Kansas City Star

Bill Weld, the Libertarian vice presidential candidate, was scheduled to come to Kansas City Thursday evening. The end times?

No! The end of the campaign season.

And the end of Trailwatch, at least for a while. Here’s what the campaigns wanted you to think about it the closing hours.

To the trail....


Roy Blunt brought Ted Cruz to southwest Missouri, while Jason Kander toured the state in a bus. We’ll have closing argument stories at Friday, and in Saturday’s Star.

Missouri’s Republicans called on Kander to resign from his honorary position as co-chairman of the Hillary Clinton campaign. Blunt is still voting for Donald Trump.

Kander dumped $25,000 in tainted donations.

We ran a story about Blunt’s ties to the for-profit college industry.

The Kansas City Star endorsed Blunt.

Monmouth said Blunt leads Kander by one point in Missouri. The Missouri governor’s race is tied.

The Missouri GOP is running a one minute radio ad in the Senate race:

The national Dems released two spots against Blunt. Here’s one of them:


Kevin Yoder’s office sent out a handful of franked mail pieces. Democrats howled.

There was a spelling error in a Yoder ad. Yoder’s folks say Jay Sidie took words from an editorial and implied they were from a straight newspaper story. Knock that off, Jay.

But the Yoder ad claimed Sidie refused to vote against Sam Brownback in 2014. C’mon, Kevin.

Dems accused Yoder of supporting Trump, explicitly.

Hunter Woodall chased Sidie down.


Missouri Rising hit Chris Koster for supporting the Affordable Care Act, known as Obamacare. “Chris Koster is President Obama and Hillary Clinton’s number one champion on health care in Missouri,” said Jeremy Adler.

Remember: the just-announced premium increases are just for people who buy coverage in the exchanges.

Missourians use the federal exchange. If Obamacare is repealed, those covered through that exchange will be unlikely to have coverage at any price.

Here’s the ad:

Republicans clobbered Koster for contributions from payday lenders. Yoder caught flack too.

The Springfield News-Leader endorsed Koster.

Americans for Prosperity is running an ad against Koster:

Eric Greitens appeared with the Cruz folks in southwest Missouri, and Scott Walker in Kansas City.

We know more about where Greitens earned his money.


Democrat Teresa Hensley fired a gun, and the GOP claimed she hadn’t answered an NRA questionaire. What must the rest of the country think about all this weaponry in Missouri politics?


First appearance on the trail! The GOP asked for volunteers to help Jacob Turk against Emanuel Cleaver.


Kansans for Justice urged a no vote on Kansas Supreme Court justices. Someone — we’re not sure who — ran a radio ad implying the sales tax in Kansas went up in 2015 because the state’s Supreme Court judges ordered increased spending.

The ad takes the prize for the most misleading ad of the cycle. The sales tax went up because the legislature voted to raise it, and Gov. Sam Brownback signed it.