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Missouri Republicans rally in downtown Kansas City

Greitens on Sunday night
Greitens on Sunday night

Republicans Eric Greitens and Roy Blunt took turns lambasting their Democratic opponents Sunday night at a spirited rally in downtown Kansas City just more than a week before the Nov. 8 election.

Greitens, the candidate for governor, continued his relentless attack against his opponent, Chris Koster, by again calling him corrupt and labeling the Democrat a career politician.

Blunt, the incumbent U.S. senator, tagged Jason Kander as a Democrat who will do anything for his presidential nominee, Hillary Clinton.

“He’ll be a blank check for her if he happens to get elected,” Blunt said.

Also appearing before an enthusiastic crowd of about 120 was secretary of state candidate Jay Ashcroft and lieutenant governor contender Mike Parson. The special guest was Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker who ran for president this year.

Polls show the races for governor, U.S. Senate and lieutenant governor all to be close. Members of both parties think Ashcroft, the son of the former Missouri governor and U.S. senator, holds a lead in his race.

While speakers mentioned Clinton several times, none referred to the recent developments involving her email.

Greitens once again ripped Koster’s support of Medicaid expansion under the Affordable Care Act. Koster has said the infusion of federal dollars would expand care to more Missourians, create jobs and prolong the lives of rural hospitals.

But in an interview, Greitens said Obamacare expansion “has proven to be a failure in those states that have expanded it.”

He pointed to Ohio and Washington where, Greitens said, costs exceeded expectations. Fact checkers have verified higher-than-expected enrollments of newly eligible Medicaid recipients in Ohio, although declines in the existing Medicaid population has led to cost savings.

“Chris Koster has embraced Hillary Clinton’s big government agenda,” Greitens said. “He believes in Obamacare. He supports Obamacare.”

Koster spokesman David Turner said in a statement that Greitens and Walker were a perfect pair.

“Just like Walker, Eric wants to cut funding for public schools, fight against fair wages for workers, and withhold resources from hospitals in need,” he said. “Both have also shown they will do absolutely anything to feed their ambitions to climb the political ladder.”