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Blunt wants ‘return’ of $500K as Kander calls Clinton’s email procedures ‘a mistake’

Democratic Senate candidate Jason Kander — campaigning Saturday in Kansas City — has re-issued a statement regarding the FBI’s disclosure of additional email scrutiny for Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.

“Secretary Clinton’s use of a private email server was a mistake,” Kander’s statement said. “I trust the FBI’s investigation and know they will handle this case, as they do with all others, with the utmost integrity.”

Kander also said the FBI should release the scrutinized emails as quickly as possible.

For his part, opponent Sen. Roy Blunt Saturday called on Kander to “return” the $500,000 the Clinton campaign recently said it would spend in the state.

“Yesterday Jason Kander said Secretary Hillary Clinton’s mishandling of classified national security information was a ‘mistake,’” Blunt’s statement said.

“If he truly believes she didn’t handle her national security responsibilities properly, he should immediately return the $500,000 donation Hillary Clinton recently sent to Missouri to help his campaign.”

The Clinton campaign said it would send $500,000 to Missouri to help in get-out-the-vote efforts for Kander and Chris Koster, but the money won’t go directly to either candidate. It’s expected to go to the Missouri Democratic Party.

(UPDATE: Democrats say the $500,000 won’t go to the party, but will be spent directly by the Clinton campaign in the state.)

In an earlier statement, Blunt — who has endorsed Donald Trump — said “from day one, it has been clear that Secretary Clinton did not take her national security clearance seriously.”

Blunt issued a statement when tapes surfaced of Trump’s sexual boasts during a television appearance.

The Clinton-FBI story is seen as a potential threat to her candidacy, and to other Democrats on the November ballot.