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In the final week, it’s money, momentum, and Cub Scouts: Trailwatch for Oct. 28

Chris Koster, Democrat Eric Greitens, Republican
Chris Koster, Democrat Eric Greitens, Republican File photos


The Star’s Hunter Woodall profiled the candidates. Good stuff.

The Congressional Leadership Fund launches its $800,000 buy for Kevin Yoder and against Jay Sidie Friday. Here’s the spot:

Remember: the increased premiums in the Affordable Care Act apply only to insurance buyers who purchase coverage on state exchanges or at Repeal Obamacare, and those purchasers won’t have to worry about rate increases: they won’t be able to afford any health insurance at all.

Barack Obama endorsed Jay Sidie.

Democrats are pushing this video, from the Washington Post:

George Brett endorsed Kevin Yoder:

Here’s a new Sidie ad:

Here’s a Yoder spot:

The Shawnee Mission Post is running a series on the race. Sidie answered the questionaire, Yoder didn’t.


Read Jason Hancock’s excellent profiles — Eric Greitens here, Chris Koster here.

The two campaigns spent the week sniping at each other.

Republicans claimed Koster ducked the University of Missouri Homecoming parade. They accused Koster of wafflling on voter ID laws.

Democrats asked the Securities and Exchange Commission to take a look at a non-profit donation that found its way into Greitens’ campaign. Republicans called the request “laughable.”

Let’s be clear: anonymous contributions through 501c4s are relatively common in Missouri. That doesn’t make them right. It makes them common.

Greitens will hold a Kansas City rally with Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker Sunday evening. “Governor Walker is a great conservative leader and we are proud to welcome him to Missouri,” a Greitens release said.

Koster and U.S. Senate candidate Jason Kander held a joint rally in Joplin Tuesday. They’re expected to join Rep. Emanuel Cleaver in Kansas City Saturday afternoon.


Our adwatch on the Kander and Blunt ads is here.

There are new ads in the race.

Democrats say Blunt is illegally co-ordinating with an outside campaign, and they’ve filed a complaint. Outside spending is now at $33 million in the race.

Joe Biden is coming to St. Louis, and Kander will be there Friday.

Americans for Prosperity is doing a lit drop opposing Kander, making Obamacare rate increases an issue. “If we want to put an end to higher premiums and fewer choices, we need to vote against candidates who relentlessly defend Obamacare.” said Jeremey Cady in a news release.

The Human Rights Campaign, the nation’s largest lesbian, gay, bisexual transgender and queer organization, endorsed Kander. The Democrat “will continue the critical fight ahead to ensure equal rights and protections for all,” said a release from the group’s JoDee Winterhof.