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KC Chamber comes out against cigarette tax


One of the “Big 5” goals of the Greater Kansas City Chamber of Commerce is expanding early childhood education.

So why then did the chamber on Tuesday come out against Missouri’s Amendment 3, which would increase cigarette taxes for, well, early childhood health and education?

Let’s let Joe Reardon, the chamber’s president and CEO, explain:

“This proposal, crafted and financed by large tobacco companies, is problematic in the following ways:

“The proposed tobacco tax is insufficient to effectively cut the rate of smoking, adds provisions such as a ban on stem cell research as well as research into the dangers of childhood smoking, and handcuffs the state Legislature from enacting additional limitations on tobacco.

“The KC Chamber joins other opponents to Amendment #3, including the Civic Council of Greater Kansas City, the Health Care Foundation of Greater Kansas City, Stowers Institute for Medical Research, Washington University in St. Louis, the American Cancer Society, and others. While it’s important to find ways to expand early childhood education in Missouri, this is not the proposal needed to accomplish that goal.”

Got it?