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TheChat: Chris Koster says his opponent is `fighting everybody’


Good morning.

▪ “He doesn’t seem to just be fighting Democrats. He’s fighting everybody. He’s fighting his own Republican Party.” — Democrat Chris Koster, the candidate for Missouri governor, on his Republican opponent, Eric Greitens.

Koster says that’s not the way to bring members of the General Assembly together.

▪ “If you like what Brownback has done in Kansas, Trump may well be your guy.” — former Kansas budget director Duane Goossen making the point that Gov. Sam Brownback and Donald Trump have similar tax plans.

Goossen, who served under Democratic and Republican governors, notes that Trump also wants to cut taxes on the wealthiest Americans just as Brownback cut taxes for the richest Kansans. Giving Trump Kansas’ six electoral votes would show that the state still hasn’t learned the lessons of the Brownback years, he said.

▪ “Joe, Joe.” — how voters addressed Vice President Joe Biden during a recent trip to Missouri.

They didn’t refer to him as “Mr. Vice President,” according to Jason Kander, the Democratic nominee for Senate. Biden worries that his party is relying too heavily on Ivy League policy advisers who can’t relate to average voters.

▪ “This will allow for 2017 inauguration ceremonies to occur on the south side of the Capitol as they have in years past, if so desired.” — Ryan Burns, a spokesman for the Missouri Office of Administration, on the nearing completing of phase one of a Statehouse renovation project.

The south steps have undergone a waterproofing procedure, and that’s where inauguration ceremonies have traditionally taken place. Lawmakers this year approved a $40 million bonding package for Capitol renovations.