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TheChat: Teresa Hensley accuses a big Missouri donor of buying the attorney general’s office


Just two full weeks to go before Election 2016.

▪ “We’re talking about buying the attorney general’s office.” — Democrat Teresa Hensley, the Missouri attorney general candidate, speaking about donations from the family of Joplin businessman David Humphreys to her rival, Republican Josh Hawley.

Hensley made the remark during the only debate in the attorney general’s race. The Humphreys family has donated $3.5 million to Hawley, according to a compilation from the Hensley camp.

▪ She’s talking about her prosecutorial experience, which isn’t something the attorney general’s office does much of.” — Hawley commenting on Hensley’s legal resume.

Hawley has a point. Hensley also has a point when she points out that Hawley has spent little time in Missouri courtrooms. The type of experience each candidate has remains a key issue in this competitive race.

▪ “He’s darned if he does and darned if he doesn’t.” — Columbia College Political Scientist Terry Smith on Missouri Sen. Roy Blunt and his backing of Donald Trump.

Blunt can’t win no matter which way he goes on Trump, Smith said. His backing of Trump is costing him with Democrats and independent. But if he walked away from Trump, he risks losing the support of Republicans who back him. And right now, Trump leads Hillary Clinton in Missouri. This is a big reason why Blunt is in a pickle.

▪ “There are a whole host of issues and statements that the nominee of my party has made that I strongly disagree with, but I think he is viewed as a strong leader and right now there is a leadership vacuum in this country.” — Kansas Congresswoman Lynn Jenkins, a Republican, speaking about Donald Trump.

Jenkins, who has her eyes on the governor’s office, has cast her lot with Trump.