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TheChat: Donald Trump faces pushback over his comments about rigged voting


Good morning.

▪ “Any time that your comments draw into question the legitimacy of the elections process, they have crossed the line, particularly if you can’t back it up with evidence.” — Ohio Secretary of State Jon Husted, a Republican who supports Donald Trump, on Trump’s remarks that fraudulent voting activity is already underway.

With two new polls out Wednesday suggesting that the Republican trails Hillary Clinton by double digits, it’s hard not to conclude that Trump is grasping at straws.

▪ “Nobody should be intimidated when they go the polls. And I think we’re going to see a lot of that.” — Democrat Richard Kellett, chairman of the St. Louis County Board of Election Commissioners, which voted to seek additional security for voters casting ballots on Nov. 8.

There’s more talk about the need for heightened security at polling places around the country in the wake of Trump’s insistence that the voting process is rigged.

▪ “Most of the lobbyists are very fine, upstanding people.” — Missouri state Rep. Nate Walker, a Republican from the Kirsksville area.

Walker acknowledged that interactions with lobbyists is part of the job of lawmakers in the state Capitol. And he’s right: Most lobbyists are good folks. But there continues to be perception problems with it comes to the unlimited gifts they can provide. So far this year, lobbyists had spent nearly a half-million dollars on members of the Missouri General Assembly.

▪ “I’m not ruling anything in or out.” — Kansas Gov. Sam Brownback when asked about the possibility of a tax increase next year.

This is a step forward for the governor who is facing massive budget shortfalls in the wake of his 2012 tax cuts.