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TheChat: Gov. Sam Brownback attempts to set the record straight on the Kansas economy


Good morning.

▪ “We’re a little flat.” — Kansas Gov. Sam Brownback reflecting on the lack of job growth in his state in recent years.

Brownback gave an interview to Peter Hancock at the Lawrence Journal-World in which he attempted to outline the positive developments in the Kansas economy since his much-derided 2012 tax cuts went into effect. Click on the link and decide for yourself if Brownback succeeded in making his case.

▪ “Raise your hand if you know people who are eager to vote three or four times. I wish they’d vote once.” — AFL-CIO Executive Vice President Tefere Gebre opposing Amendment 6, the voter ID amendment in Missouri.

Gebre was poking fun at the idea that a chief motivation for the amendment is to tap down voter fraud. Gebre’s point: There isn’t any fraud.

▪ “I do have a real concern that the national Democratic Party is leaving states like Missouri on the other side of the blue wall.” — Democrat Chris Koster pointing out that Missouri is a more conservative state than many D.C. Democrats want to believe.

Koster has shown a willingness to buck traditional Democratic orthodoxy, and that’s a big reason why he remains a favorite to win the governor’s race next month.

▪ “My plan would also create our state's first-ever Public Corruption Unit to hold our public officials accountable for abuse and misuse of their offices.” — Josh Hawley, the Republican attorney general candidate from Missouri.

Hawley didn’t provide details about his plan in his email blast to supporters, but he thrashed the culture of Jefferson City, saying politicians there have spent years delivering “embarrassment, gridlock and failure. They’ve been more interested,” Hawley wrote, “in trading favors with special interests than standing up for the people of Missouri.”