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Yoder commercial drawing chuckles in campaign’s final weeks

Rep. Kevin Yoder, R-Kan.
Rep. Kevin Yoder, R-Kan.

Rep. Kevin Yoder’s latest television campaign commercial has landed on the “oops” list.

The spot, called “Prairie Spirit,” features video of a wheat harvest, a rather common occurrence in Kansas (the shot starts at :03).

But the harvest video wasn’t shot in Kansas. It was provided by a stock footage company, and was apparently shot in eastern Europe.

Democrats are chuckling about the problem, but misplaced stock images are common in political commercials. Actors and models are sometimes used as stand-ins for real voters, for example.

The campaign seemed to take the mistake in stride. “We didn't have time to get a camera crew out to the Yoder family farm, and we mistakenly used some stock footage without fully vetting where it was shot,” a campaign spokesman said.

He sent a photo of Yoder and his dad on the family farm.