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Where we stand today in Missouri: Here’s how the 2016 election shapes up

Koster AP

Let’s call ‘em as they appear to stand right now.

We’re talking about all the big races in Missouri — just more than three weeks until election day on Nov. 8.

And that election day can’t get here soon enough, right?

Based on conversations with consultants from both parties, insiders and journalists, this is what it looks like today. (Yes, things can, and very well may, change):

U.S. president (in Missouri):

Donald Trump, Republican.


Chris Koster, Democrat.

Lieutenant governor:

Tossup between Republican Mike Parson and Democrat Russ Carnahan.

Attorney General:

Josh Hawley, Republican.


Eric Schmitt, Republican.

Secretary of State:

Jay Ashcroft, Republican.

U.S. Senate:

Tossup between Republican Roy Blunt and Democrat Jason Kander.