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TheChat: Sam Brownback, Roy Blunt explain why they still back Donald Trump


Good morning.

▪ “You get all these sidebar issues going on, and they’re important, too, but at the core of this is the court.” — Kansas Gov. Sam Brownback explaining why he is standing with Donald Trump.

One of those sidebar issues is an ongoing series of allegations that Trump sexually assault women. No GOP statewide or federal officeholder in Kansas has backed off their support of Trump.

▪ “If you want to solve the problems that have been created over the last eight years, you can’t have a third Obama administration.” — Missouri Sen. Roy Blunt explaining why he still backs Trump.

Blunt is walking a thin line as he attempts to stand by Trump, who remains popular with some Republicans, while also distancing himself somewhat. Trump isn’t doing Blunt any favors these days.

▪ “What we do know is that transparency is not occurring. And that contributions have gotten massively larger. And they are still hidden.” — Democrat Chris Koster, the candidate for governor, explaining why he changed positions on contribution limits in the state. He now backs them.

Koster once argued that the system was more transparent with no donation limits, but he now sees that differently. “It’s clear that regular people in the state feel increasingly disconnected from their political system. And it seems to me that this can’t go on or shouldn’t go on at least,” he said.

▪ “Eager.” — the Jerusalem Post describing Koster’s feelings about returning to Missouri from a trip to Israel following the 2011 Joplin tornado.

Koster’s GOP opponent, Eric Greitens, is hitting Koster in a new TV ad that says Koster abandoned the city that year. Koster’s campaign calls the spot disgusting and accuses Greitens of politicizing one of the biggest disasters in state history.