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TheChat: Roy Blunt refuses to talk about Donald Trump’s sexual assault allegations


It’s Friday!

▪ “There you go again.” — Missouri Sen. Roy Blunt to a reporter who had asked about new allegations of sexual assault against Donald Trump.

Blunt, a Republican in a tight re-election race against Democrat Jason Kander, is refusing to talk about the accusations. Blunt is walking a tightrope when he addresses questions about Trump, whom he’s endorsed for president. Blunt said he wants to talk about “big issues.”

▪ “It's the kind of race that magnetically attracts all kinds of cash flow so that different sides can get some kind of an advantage in getting our attention.” — University of Missouri-St. Louis political scientist Dave Robertson speaking about his state’s governor’s race, which now ranks as the most expensive governor’s race in the nation.

The total so far: $27.5 million in TV ads since last year. And we’ve got a month to go.

▪ “The amendment is really simple, and dangerous in its simplicity. What it does is open the barn door to any kind of extremist restriction that folks want to put through.” — Laura Swinford, executive director of Progress Missouri, speaking about the voter ID amendment on the state ballot this November.

Swinford points out that the forms of ID that can be used will be specified by lawmakers, giving them the opportunity to pass more restrictions in the future. She opposes Amendment 6.

▪ “I can’t stop thinking about this. It has shaken to me to my core in a way that I couldn’t have predicted.” — first lady Michele Obama talking about Trump’s sexual assault comments.

She said she’d prefer to launch into her normal campaign speech, but she said to do so would be “dishonest and disingenuous.” The incident is “not something we can ignore.”