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TheChat: Teresa Hensley, Josh Hawley have very different ideas for the job of Missouri attorney general


Good morning:

▪ “ I will fight federal overreach as I've done my entire professional career.” — Missouri attorney general candidate Josh Hawley, a Republican, on his priorities for the job.

His Democratic opponent, Teresa Hensley, talks about very different concerns, such as advocating for children, seniors and victims of domestic violence.

▪ “I think we’ll go way over.” — Kansas Senate President Susan Wagle noting that next year’s session of the Legislature will top its usual 90-day duration.

Lawmakers will be dealing with a revision of the school-finance formula, the budget and, possibly, a re-do of Gov. Sam Brownback’s 2012 tax cuts.

▪ “We were calling people who had become friends and gotten to know me over the course of seven years, who invested in The Mission Continues, and got to know me as a leader.” — Eric Greitens, the GOP candidate for Missouri governor, responding to questions about receiving big campaign money from donors who also gave to his St. Louis non-profit, The Mission Continues.

The Associated Press documented lots of overlap between the two. Charities can't give donor lists to politicians, but can rent them at fair market value if they're made available to all candidates, the IRS has ruled.

▪ “So that’s maybe enough to stop further bad legislation from happening.” — former Kansas Senate President Steve Morris expressing optimism that Democrats and moderate Republicans will win enough seats in November to form a ruling coalition.

Morris contradicted Wagle, the current Senate president, who is saying there will not be a coalition of mods and Ds next year.