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TheChat: A Missouri state senator likens homosexuality to a mental illness


The 41st week of 2016 is off and running:

▪ “How can harmful thoughts and unnatural behavior that formerly portrayed mental illness, suddenly become normal behavior, even privileged by government mandates?” — Missouri state Sen. Ed Emery, a Lamar Republican, questioning homosexuality, which he described as a mental illness.

Emery, who was speaking last week in Columbia, said homosexuality represents a “reversal of the character of America.” He also blamed the education system for a loss of conservative values. His remarks may become another election-year headache for Republicans.

▪ “Today we call on Eric Greitens and Republican leaders in Missouri to stand up for women and revoke their endorsement of Donald Trump.” — Missouri Democratic Party spokeswoman Kristin Sosanie reacting to Trump’s latest controversy stemming from his remarks caught on a live microphone in 2005.

Democrats in Missouri, and across the country, used Trump’s remarks to turn the heat up on home-state Republicans. You can’t help but wonder how frustrated some Republicans, such as Roy Blunt and Eric Greitens, are with their presidential nominee.

▪ “When I say I'm confident, I'm not overconfident.” — President Barack Obama about Hillary Clinton’s chances next month after he cast an advance ballot in Chicago.

Classify this as a very political comment. What else is a president going to say about the prospects of the woman he hopes succeeds him?

▪ “You have two competing themes here. One is Republican versus Democratic. The advantage there goes to Blunt because Missouri is a Republican-leaning state. The other theme is insider versus outsider, where the advantage goes to Kander.” — a Republican strategist on the Missouri Senate race between Roy Blunt and Jason Kander.

The same strategist said internal polling last month showed Kander pulling ahead of Blunt, although the race had evened up since then.