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Chris Koster backs Hillary Clinton, doesn’t he?


For the record, Chris Koster supports Hillary Clinton for president.

The Democratic nominee for Missouri governor said as much on the Mark Reardon Show on KMOX this week.

Barely. To a point.

“There’s stuff that I agree with her on. And there’s stuff that I disagree with her on,” Koster told Reardon.

When pressed, he repeated the line.

Koster said he agrees with Clinton on lowering the cost of a college education. He’d like to see dark money driven out of politics, although that’s a Supreme Court case.

He said he disagrees with her on guns.

“At the end of the day, I have a belief that she can do the job,” Koster said. “Just speaking personally for myself, I have questions about Donald Trump’s temperament.”

Trump leads Clinton in the state by several points.