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TheChat: Barack Obama says this election is more important than the two that elected him

Good morning.

▪ “Winning the presidential election this year is more important than it was in 2008 or 2012.” — President Barack Obama in a Democratic fund-raising appeal.

The president’s reasoning? “Donald Trump is unfit to handle the demands of the presidency. His election wouldn't just mean four years of turning back the clock on all our progress -- it could very well mean lasting damage to the nation we love.”

▪ “I understand that it would take a miracle to win, but I believe in miracles.” — Lester Turilli Jr., an independent candidate for Missouri governor.

Turilli, whose family operates the Meramec Caverns tourist attraction in the Ozarks, has assessed the situation accurately.

▪ “Sam Brownback’s continued refusal to truthfully acknowledge and address the failures of his economic policies not only threatens the future of our state, but insults our intelligence.” — Kansas Senate Minority Leader Anthony Hensley, a Topeka Democrat, addressing the state’s latest budget shortfall.

Hensley is undoubtedly running short of pithy quotes to address what’s become a monthly ritual — blasting the governor when revenues fall below projections.

▪ “Now we have to protect all the progress we made together these past eight years.” — first lady Michelle Obama in a new national radio spot aimed at boosting turnout among minorities just weeks before the election.

Democrats are desperate to gin up enthusiasm among minority voters to boost Hillary Clinton.