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TheChat: Women voters continue to struggle with Donald Trump

Women voters
Women voters

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▪ “You just want to smack him.” — Pam Harrison, 56, who voted for Republican Mitt Romney four years ago, speaking about Donald Trump and the challenge he faces with female voters.

Whit Ayres, a veteran Republican pollster, said there may not be much Trump can do in the closing weeks of the campaign to mend his relations with women.

▪ “We commend Ms. Walker’s bravery in speaking out in a culture that makes it difficult for women to report sexual assaults and all too often diminishes their legitimacy and leaves them targets for retribution.” — NARAL Pro-Choice Missouri speaking about incoming Missouri state Rep. Cora Faith Walker, a Ferguson Democrat, who has alleged that another incoming freshman lawmaker raped her.

The group urged House Speaker Todd Richardson to postpone the swearing in of the alleged perpetrator, Steve Roberts, a St. Louis Democrat, until an investigation is completed.

▪ “We need to have a governor who's going to practice fiscal restraint, who's going to rein in out-of-control spending, who's going to put an end to special-interest giveaways, so that we can focus people's tax monies on the priorities of the people of Missouri.” — Republican Eric Greitens, the Missouri candidate for governor, explaining why he would not favor a tax increase for highway maintenance.

His opponent, Chris Koster, believes differently. (link via

▪ “It would be incredibly surprising to me and incredibly jarring to the first lady (Georganne Nixon). I am not in the business of jarring her.” — Missouri Gov. Jay Nixon, who is scheduled to leave office in January, on whether he’ll ever be on a ballot again.

Nixon also said while he’s enjoyed being governor, “it’s time to move on.”