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TheChat: Republicans advise Donald Trump to steer away from Monica Lewinsky


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▪ “I”ve never been in favor of that, and I’m still not.” — South Dakota Sen. Mike Rounds, a Republican, advising Donald Trump not to bring up Monica Lewinsky at the next presidential debate.

Trump has threatened to do so, but many Republican leaders are urging him to stick to the issues. Trump, after all, has his own history of straying from his vow of faithfulness.

▪ “This is something that folks are starting to take notice of and talk about.” — Laura Swinford, executive director for Progress Missouri who is involved with The Missouri Right to Vote Campaign.

The campaign is working to defeat a voter ID constitutional amendment on the ballot in November. She said energy is picking up around the group’s effort. Voters, she said, are starting to take notice.

▪ “You cannot stand up a group of undecided voters. It's not a message you want to send in this kind of climate.” — Diana Carlin, who served for 13 years on the advisory board for the Commission on Presidential Debates, on the likelihood of Donald Trump skipping the second presidential debate, which will be a town hall-style forum.

Carlin said she doesn’t think that the debates determine the winner of presidential elections, though they may prompt some voters to turn up at the polls.

▪ “This is a decision I do not take lightly.” — New York Sen. Chuck Schumer, a Democrat, who voted against President Barack Obama Wednesday on a bill that would allow families of those killed in the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks to sue Saudi Arabia for any role in the plot.

Congress overrode an Obama veto for the first time during his years as president. Schumer, a bill author, described the measure as “near and dear” to his heart as a New Yorker, given the losses his state suffered on that fateful day.

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