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TheChat: Here’s an area of agreement between Roy Blunt and Jason Kander


Get your fill of Trump and Clinton last night?

▪ “We can and should do more at the federal level to provide access to mental health services.” — Jason Kander, the Democratic candidate for the U.S Senate in Missouri.

Here, at last, is an area of agreement between Kander and his Republican rival, incumbent Roy Blunt. The senator has succeeded in expanding access to mental health services that community health centers provide. (link via

▪ “To say the answer to an inexperienced Legislature is an inexperienced governor? That cannot possibly be the answer.” — Democrat Chris Koster, a candidate for Missouri governor, on why he should be the state’s next governor despite the notion that 2016 is shaping up as the year of the outsider.

Koster, the state’s two-term attorney general, says the state faces a series of tough issues: highways, schools and health care. Entrusting those issues to a General Assembly populated with inexperienced lawmakers due to term limits and matching that with a newcomer to politics like Republican Eric Greitens, the GOP candidate for governor, makes no sense, Koster says.

▪ “He is very reluctant to get out of his comfort zone.” — KU political scientist Burdett Loomis speaking about Kansas Sen. Jerry Moran, a Republican who is seeking a second term this year.

Moran continues to be haunted by a reputation for indecisiveness. Despite that, he’s expected to easily win re-election.

▪ “If he announces he endorses, it destroys his political brand.” — a one-time Ted Cruz campaign worker describing the impact of Cruz’s impending endorsement of Donald Trump.

The Texas senator’s endorsement last week was highly controversial inside his former campaign. He traveled a long way from “vote your conscience” to “vote for Trump.” What’s the fallout going to be? We’ll see over the next few months.