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John Brunner won’t let it go, takes another shot at Eric Greitens


John Brunner, who lost the GOP primary for Missouri governor last month, took to Twitter Friday to once again express his displeasure with Eric Greitens, who won that hotly contested race.

On Twitter, Brunner posted a link to a column written by long-time Democratic operative Jeff Mazur who had written a heartfelt, and complimentary, tribute to Peter Kinder, Missouri’s Republican lieutenant governor who’s nearing a long run in public service.

In his post, Brunner wrote this:

“My friend Peter cares about Missouri. The only opponent that earned my respect and admiration.”

Brunner and Greitens engaged in an intense nomination battle, and the bitterness between them was obvious.

But now, Greitens is embroiled in a close race with Democrat Chris Koster. Some might conclude that it’s time for all Republicans to rally behind Greitens.

Brunner, it’s clear, won’t be one of them.