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Mike Sanders on Truman Sports Complex controversy: We’ll work it out

There it is on page 462 of the state of Missouri’s Office of Administration budget request for fiscal 2016:

Zero dollars for upkeep at the Truman Sports Complex. Zip. Nada. A not-so-golden goose egg.

But wait a minute: Isn’t the state supposed to be continuing its $3 million a year contribution for upkeep at the Sports Complex for years to come?

Yes, sireee, Jackson County Executive Mike Sanders said Sunday.

So what’s going on?

It was a little hard to figure out on a Sunday, although one thing that wasn’t tough to understand is that insiders in western Missouri were buzzing about this.

One source said the Office of Administration had simply made a mistake, which would be rectified soon.

The state, after all, continues to send $12 million a year to St. Louis for construction of the Edward Jones Dome in the early 1990s. (And, yes, for those keeping score at home, that’s four times the total the KC area gets).

For his part, Sanders appeared to downplay the issue.

“We’re working with the governor’s office and key members of the Missouri Legislature, and we’re hopeful and confident that this will get worked out,” he said.

So stayed tuned.

Hat tip to the Missouri Scout for first pointing out this issue.