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TheChat: Bob Dole stands by his man (Donald Trump)


Good morning.

▪ “I’m going to vote for Trump.” — Bob Dole at a news conference in Topeka.

Dole came out for Trump awhile ago. And he’s standing by that decision despite Trump’s controversial nature. Dole pointed out he’d been a Republican his entire life.

▪ “The right of the voter is not supposed to be infringed. Putting another layer of restrictions in front of the voting populace is the wrong thing to do.” — Missouri House Minority Leader Jake Hummel on why Democrats opposed the voter ID bill.

House Speaker Todd Richardson, disagreed, saying the measure brings “integrity” to the voting process. The issue now goes before Missouri voters. Hummel hopes the courts will once again strike down the measure if it winds up passing.

▪ “Frankly, the chief law enforcement officer of the state of Missouri, Chris Koster, said he would sign the bill.” — Missouri Senate President Pro Tem Ron Richard pointing out that Koster, the Democratic candidate for governor and the state’s attorney general, backed the state’s new sweeping, and controversial, gun bill.

Richard said Koster’s backing was a key sign that the bill was OK.

▪ “If your first experience with your private life going public was that humiliating and that haunting, you would be camera-shy, too.” — one longtime former Clinton White House aide speaking about Hillary Clinton.

The aide was explaining why Clinton is so averse to talking to reporters and revealing much about herself. Her first experience with the national media centered on controversies involving Gennifer Flowers, Whitewater and the history of her husband’s Vietnam draft record. The experience, friends say, left her permanently scarred.