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Jason Kander addresses higher education issues with student journalist, in partnership with the Buzz

Jason Kander, Democratic Senate candidate
Jason Kander, Democratic Senate candidate The Kansas City Star

The Star, through the Buzz, is a partner this fall with Young Invincibles, a Washington-based group focused on expanding economic opportunity for millennials. It has started a College Correspondents Network as part of an effort to increase interest in the 2016 election.

Correspondents will be conducting interviews with candidates in Missouri and other states, largely on issues considered important for younger voters. Elizabeth Loutfi, a senior at the University of Missouri, recently interviewed Democrat Jason Kander as part of the program.

A reporter for The Star was at the interview.

The group has asked Sen. Roy Blunt, Kander’s opponent, for a similar interview. UPDATE: The Blunt campaign agreed to an interview Friday. We’ll post the video when we get it, as well as other work by the correspondents group.