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TheChat: Lots of Donald Trump supporters like Clinton...Bill, that is

Bill Clinton
Bill Clinton

Good morning.

▪ “I really liked Bill Clinton. He triangulated. It worked.” — Trump supporter Jerry Bernard, 61, on why he likes Bill Clinton, but not his wife.

Turns out that one-fifth of Donald Trump’s supporters view Bill Clinton favorably, according to polling from The Washington Post. But Bernard calls Hillary Clinton a “carpetbagger” and “pathological liar.” He added, “Benghazi is a big concern of mine. I blame her. We lost men we should never have lost.”

▪ “From my position in the Missouri Senate, I cannot overstate how difficult it is to get the two-thirds vote necessary to override the governor on a number of crucial issues.” — Missouri state Sen. Bob Onder, a Republican, explaining why it’s not a good thing to have a Democratic governor even though Republicans can override his vetoes.

In a statement he released Monday, Onder was talking about the difficulties of mounting two-thirds support on any one issue to override a gubernatorial veto. His point: It’s tough, and it’s time for Missouri to elect a Republican.

▪ “St. Louis will have a great future, but not until there’s peace on these streets.” — Missouri gubernatorial candidate Chris Koster, a Democrat, on his plan to end gun violence.

Koster also could’ve been talking about Kansas City. He’s proposing longer prisons sentences for felons caught carrying guns. He also talks about regaining “the trust of the community” and protecting witnesses.

▪ “Antibiotics can take care of pneumonia. What's the cure for an unhealthy penchant for privacy that repeatedly creates unnecessary problems?” — David Axelrod, President Barack Obama’s former chief campaign strategist, in a tweet Monday referencing Hillary Clinton.

Clinton received her diagnosis of pneumonia on Friday, but didn’t disclose it until Sunday after she had her episode at the 9-11 memorial service in New York.