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TheChat: Ron Richard takes issues with the MO gubernatorial candidate of his party

Good morning.

▪ “I don’t know who his chief of staff is, I’ve never met him, but I think he is not well informed.” — Missouri Senate President Pro Tem Ron Richard on the campaign of Eric Greitens, the GOP gubernatorial nominee who’s criticized a Senate account funded by lobbyists that’s used to buy meals for staffers who work late into the night.

Greitens has called the practice corrupt and pledged to end it. “He should probably learn more about how the Senate is run before hauling off with comments like that,” Richard said.

▪ “At a time when you’ve had, around the country, the cost of tuition go up around 14 percent, but you haven’t had incomes go up that amount, it’s clear that Congress has just failed to act.” — Democratic Senate candidate Jason Kander on the soaring cost of a college education.

The average debt for a Missouri college graduate these days? About $26,000. (link via

▪ “Within a reasonable range.” — Daniel Borochoff, president and founder of CharityWatch, on Greitens’ salary at The Mission Continues, an organization Greitens founded that helps vets transition to the private sector through volunteer work.

In 2011, Greitens was paid $175,000. His opponent, Democrat Chris Koster, made the pay an issue in a new ad that began airing this week. But Borochoff said the pay was not excessive.

▪ “You can find Aleppo on a map.” — Hillary Clinton’s reaction to Libertarian presidential nominee Gary Johnson’s unfamiliarity with the city at the center of Syria’s ongoing civil war.

Johnson’s flub comes at an inopportune time as his campaign seeks to reach the 15 percent threshold in national polls that will get him on the national debate stage.