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TheChat: Bill Graves defends Kansas Supreme Court on school funding

Former Kansas Govs. Graves, Sebelius, Hayden and Carlin (left to right)
Former Kansas Govs. Graves, Sebelius, Hayden and Carlin (left to right)

Here we go...again:

▪ “They’ve done some fine work on school finance. Quite frankly, in a state where we are extremely proud of public education opportunities, I’m pretty darn proud of the court for the way they’ve held firm to achieve and be sure we have great education for our kids.” — former Kansas Gov. Bill Graves defending the state Supreme Court’s handling of school-funding issues.

Graves was one of four former Kansas governors who gathered this week to argue against ousting Supreme Court judges over a controversial death penalty case.

▪ “Voters must have faith and confidence in the election process.” — Missouri Gov. Jay Nixon announcing two new members of the St. Louis Board of Election Commissioners.

Nixon has wiped the slate clean on the board after a series of absentee ballot problems led to the governor calling for a new election for a St. Louis state representative seat.

▪ “I have not been informed of any pending mass layoffs.” — Kraig Knowlton, director of personnel services in the Kansas Department of Administration, on rumors that changes in policies was a precursor to dumping employees in response to revenue shortfalls.

Republicans and Democrats are saying the proposed regulations are too vague.

▪ “Taking little, cherry-picking little snippets of what he said and not giving the full context of the sentence let alone the speech.” — Donald Trump campaign manager Kellyanne Conway explaining what’s irresponsible about Democrats highlighting Trump’s “I love war” remark.

Conway didn’t offer a full-bodied explanation for what her candidate meant with his remark. Instead, she ripped into Hillary Clinton’s faltering poll numbers.