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Donald Trump leads comfortably in Missouri and Kansas, according to new poll

Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, candidates for president
Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, candidates for president File photos

Gov. Mike Pence is in Missouri Tuesday, and Hillary Clinton will be here Thursday, but the presidential race in the state isn’t close — at least according to a new poll.

The Washington Post and Survey Monkey polled in all 50 states, and found Donald Trump leading in Missouri by ten points, 51 percent to 41 percent. The margin in Kansas was 12 points, 49 percent for Trump to 37 percent for Clinton.

The findings aren’t a major surprise. Democrats have said for a few weeks that it’s unlikely Clinton will make a play for Missouri’s 10 electoral votes. The state is too red at the presidential level.

Why would she speak to the National Baptist Convention in Kansas City Thursday? Because she’s trying to reach a national audience, perhaps, particularly after Trump’s recent attempts to bring African American voters into his column.

Incidentally, in its story on the poll, the Post said Clinton remains the favorite in November.

“The massive survey highlights a critical weakness in Trump’s candidacy — an unprecedented deficit for a Republican among college-educated white voters, especially women,” the story says. “White college graduates have been loyal Republican voters in recent elections, but Trump is behind Clinton with this group across much of the country, including in some solidly red states.”