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#RoyalsOdyssey: ‘I hate the Royals,’ a transplanted Tigers fan says, and yet ...

Vid Weatherwax in Glenwood Springs, Col.
Vid Weatherwax in Glenwood Springs, Col. KansasCity

Below the mountains in Aspen, Colo., water feeds the pools in Glenwood Springs at more than 120 degrees. Vid Weathermax, in for his afternoon swim, sounded hotter.

“I hate the Royals,” barked the pianist, age 63, a native of Detroit and an R&B, funk and jazz player who now lives in Glenwood Springs and has cherished Tigers baseball since he was a boy.

He saw Hall of Fame right fielder Al Kaline, “Mr. Tiger,” play in the Tigers’ old stadium before it was razed. He was there in 1980 when they retired his jersey and No. 6. He took joy in the Tigers’ defeats of KC this year.

So, naturally, in this series, he’s rooting for …

“The Royals,” he said.

Because they’re in the American League and sometimes enemies make friends of foes.

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