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#RoyalsOdyssey: High on KC’s team in marijuana-legal Colorado

IDAHO SPRINGS, Colo. Joanie Reecer knows all about weed — about good marijuana and good salvia. She can explain the virtues of big sellers like “Green Crack” over “Critical Widow” or “Indy Bubblegum.”

And the ebullient 25-year-old manager of Kine Mine, a medical and recreational shop near the old mines in Idaho Springs, also knows about the Royals.

So we asked. Here we are in Colorado, a rival sports state with its own Major League Baseball team. Yet, everyone, everybody, is being so positive and supportive of the Royals.

Might such have something to do with marijuana being legal for recreational use in this state?

Big smile. Yes.

“It plays a huge part,” Reecer said.”Everyone is just happy, loving, caring and there are a lot of transplants now.”

Such as, “My boyfriend is from Kansas,” she said. That’s Kevin Isom, now a stonemason, originally from Lawrence.

So, yes, Reecer is rooting for the Royals, too, even though she is a native Texan, from Lubbock, who played T-ball as a kid on a team called the Giants.

In other words, here, at least, you’d have to be straight not to root for the Royals.