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You won’t believe what those wily politicos said in 2016

Republican Eric Greitens greeted supporters on election night in November after defeating Democrat Chris Koster in the Missouri governor’s race.
Republican Eric Greitens greeted supporters on election night in November after defeating Democrat Chris Koster in the Missouri governor’s race. TNS

They said it in 2016:

▪ “We did it, guys! We did it!” — Missouri Gov.-elect Eric Greitens, a Republican, on election night.

▪ “Oh, for crying out loud, what century is this?” — Kansas state Sen. Laura Kelly, a Topeka Democrat, speaking about a dress code imposed by a committee chairman that prohibits women testifying on bills from wearing low-cut necklines and miniskirts.

▪ “The shenanigans in Jefferson City have gone on too long.” — Missouri GOP gubernatorial candidate Catherine Hanaway applauding lawmakers for taking up ethics reform early in 2016.

▪ “We’re more anti-Muslim than we are anti-murder.” — Missouri Congressman Emanuel Cleaver, a Kansas City Democrat, in a January address bemoaning the lack of attention on violent crime.

▪ “We are in this situation not because of what we’ve done here in Kansas. We’re in this situation because we are in an international recession.” — Senate President Susan Wagle on the state’s budget woes.

▪ “He blamed the state’s predicaments on everyone but himself.” — Kansas Senate Minority Leader Anthony Hensley on Gov. Sam Brownback’s comments on the condition of the state budget.

▪ “RETWEET if you’re excited this is Governor Nixon’s #LastSOTS.” — Missouri Lt. Gov. Peter Kinder, a Republican, who tweeted this during Democratic Gov. Jay Nixon’s final State of the State address.

▪ “I might oversleep that day.” — former Kansas Sen. Bob Dole on whether he could vote for Ted Cruz for president if Cruz won the GOP nomination.

▪ “HOLY X@#*! I am on the jury.” – Missouri Sen. Claire McCaskill in a tweet after she was summoned for jury duty in St. Louis.

▪ “Cruz has to get rid of this guy!” — conservative columnist Ann Coulter writing about Cruz campaign manager Jeff Roe, formerly of Kansas City.

▪ “Kansas has now reached the point where we can no longer afford economic development.” — Kansas state Rep. Stephanie Clayton, an Overland Park Republican.

▪ “There is an enthusiasm gap, there’s no question about it. And we need to fix it.” — Cleaver speaking about Hillary Clinton in March.

▪ “God, gays and guns. That’s the agenda. It must be an election year.” — Missouri state Sen. Jason Holsman, a Kansas City Democrat, on the Senate floor just weeks before the session’s end.

▪ “I thought, ‘What in the world is this?’ I’ve never received a marketing email from the speaker’s office.” — Kansas state Rep. Russ Jennings, a Lakin Republican, reacting to an email from House Speaker Ray Merrick’s office about the opportunity to be measured for a pair of custom-made Lucchese boots at the Statehouse.

▪ “This is an important moment. Today’s action — to reject discrimination — will stand as an enduring example of goodness and of growing beyond past prejudices.” — Nixon on the rejection of SJR 39, seen by many as an amendment that would have enshrined discrimination against gays in the state constitution.

▪ “It’s time to slaughter some hogs.” — McCaskill, a Democrat, vowing to take on prescription drug price-gouging.

▪ “In Kansas, you have a governor who likes to beat up on the poor.” — Democrat Bernie Sanders speaking at Bartle Hall in February.

▪ “If you want different, do different.” — Greitens’ pet phrase on the campaign trail.

▪ “Important things are about to happen in America.” — Missouri Sen. Roy Blunt, a Republican, following his win.

▪ “This generation is not going anywhere.” — Democrat Jason Kander conceding the Senate race to Blunt on election night.

▪ “They (voters) simply wanted government to leave them alone, free to live their lives as they saw fit.” — Republican Jay Ashcroft explaining his victory as Missouri secretary of state.

▪ “Missouri was such a great bellwether state for much of the 20th Century. What the hell happened?” — Ken Warren, political scientist at St. Louis University, following the GOP wave election in the Show-Me State.

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