Time Capsule: A snail hunt

The Kansas City Star

Originally published Dec. 10, 1970

This photo depicts a scientific study that continues today. Tumbling Creek Cave, about an hour’s drive east of Branson, is the only known home to a species of tiny snail now known as the Tumbling Creek Cavesnail. According to the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service, the snail was classified as endangered in 2002, and investigation into its habitat continues today.

Here’s the original caption: “Snail Hunt — While Jack Williams, adviser, holds a lantern, Mrs. Cathy Shaver wades into an underground stream in search of cave-dwelling snails. In her study of the tiny snails, which have been found only in Tumbling Creek cave, Mrs. Shaver attempted to find what the snails feed on and what creatures, if any, feed on the snails.”