Gillham Road’s urban community concept as seen in 1967

The Kansas City Star

Originally published in The Kansas City Star on Dec. 6, 1967, the photo shows the original master plan for Crown Center. Today, the complex includes 2 million square feet of office space, along with condos, hotel rooms and entertainment options. Last November, Hallmark Cards Inc. announced plans to sell about 5 acres south of its headquarters to develop a largely residential complex.

Edward Barnes, a New York architect and developer, presents the concept for “the first phase of the Crown Center Redevelopment Corporation’s model urban community project.”

“Barnes, the project’s coordinating architect, intends to put five office structures in the shape of a crescent along Robert Gillham Road. In this picture, the building representations are buttressed by his right hand. The architect’s left hand, resting at a point that would be 27th and Main streets, emphasizes the apartment buildings to be built atop the hill between Main and Grand, north from 27th to Pershing Road. The high-rise building in the background will be an office tower, at Pershing, near Grand. The first phase of work is expected to be completed in 1972.”