The Miller Mausoleum in Holden, Mo. - photo collage from the archives

Kansas City Star Times

Originally published Oct. 16, 1934 in The Kansas City Times (the morning Kansas City Star):

THE MILLER MAUSOLEUM (top) - This structure arouses the curiosity of persons entering Holden, Mo., from the north. It is on the farm of Joseph M. Miller, who has devoted much of his life’s earnings to its erection, that he shall not be buried in a grave.

THE BUILDER (lower left) - Joseph M. Miller, 79 years old, has many convictions evolved from a study of religious history. He is shown by the gravestone of his father and mother, which he built into a corner of the mausoleum when he moved their bodies to a crypt in it.

A DOMED TOMB (inset) - Temples were built over Biblical tombs and the temples were domed. This is Mr. Miller’s conception for his own tomb.

THE CRYPTS (right) - A narrow passage leads to the second crypt room shown here. One descends into the crypt room, Mr. Milling having observed Abraham’s use of a cave and the burial of Christ in a cave.