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Cullaton waived

Brent Cullaton waivedThe Thunder waived veteran Brent Cullaton on Thursday. It was a surprising move, but it probably doesn’t change much in the long term.Coach Kevin McClelland explained that, because of new collective bargaining rules, the Thunder had to trade, activate or waive Cullaton since he had been on the suspended list for 45 days.It will be interesting to see if anyone claims Cullaton off waivers; all indications are that he’s committed to playing for McClelland. In any case, McClelland remains optimistic that the vet, who is coaching a successful junior team in Colorado right now, will join the team later in the season.Fight Night dropped: The Thunder planned, and publicized on its website, a Guaranteed Fight Night for tomorrow’s game against Colorado. Just before the CHL stepped in, the Thunder dropped the guaranteed gore. You right remember that something similar happened in 2006, when Chris Presson was GM.All aboard the Crazy Train: The Ozzy Osbourne Birthday Bash night is still a go for tonight, and it will be interesting to see how the team pulls it off. The idea was the brainchild of assistant GM Matt Brokaw. Here’s one part that sounds pretty funny: “Instead of Name That Tune, we’ll have Name That Babble where someone tries to interpret what he was saying on his MTV reality show,” Brokaw said.