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Broadway Burgers owner to open second restaurant with more to follow

WICHITA — Now apparently is such a good time in the burger business, Rick Laham is opening his second restaurant only months after opening his first.

In September, Laham opened Broadway Burgers at 2345 N. Broadway in what was once Liz's Broadway Burgers.

"And now, thank God, you can hardly get in the place between 11 and 2," he says.

This week — or next week at the latest — he's opening a second Broadway Burgers at 1659 S. Broadway in a building that formerly was home to Dog-N-Shake and Dairy Queen.

"The secret is . . . you have to give a heck of a value today," Laham says.He has deals like a half-pound fresh hamburger with a Delano Bakery bun, fresh fries and a drink for $4.99.

"We've got some people come in for lunch and come back for dinner," Laham says.

He also serves other dishes, such as chicken fried steak and chicken strips.

Laham plans more restaurants on the east and west sides of Wichita near where other restaurants have recently closed.

"All these other places were built on such a high overhead," he says. "We aren't in the fanciest places in town, but you'll feel comfortable and good."