Two convicted in attempted killing of Wyandotte County deputy

Scott Wood.
Scott Wood.

Jurors found two Kansas City, Kan., men guilty Friday in the March attempted killing of a Wyandotte County deputy.

The jury deliberated about five hours Friday before finding Dyron King, 25, and Cecil Meggerson, 36, guilty of attempted capital murder in the shooting of Scott Wood.

The jury heard nearly two weeks of testimony in which prosecutors sought to link King, Meggerson and a third man who will be tried later to a series of armed robberies in Kansas City and Kansas City, Kan.

Both men also were found guilty of conspiracy to commit aggravated robbery, three counts of aggravated robbery and two counts of aggravated battery. Both were also convicted of being felons in possession of firearms.

The last in that string of crimes occurred March 4, when Wood was robbed of his gun and shot multiple times while lying face down inside a 7-Eleven store after a trio of armed robbers surprised him. He was shot once in the face, once in the shoulder and five times in the torso.

“There was clearly the intent to kill Deputy Wood,” Senior Assistant District Attorney Kristiane Bryant said in closing arguments Thursday.

In all of the holdups, the robbers wore masks and gloves. None of the victims could identify them.

But at the scene of a Kansas City robbery the night before Wood was shot, investigators found a pack of cigarettes with King’s fingerprint on it, according to testimony.

That led police to King’s house in Kansas City, Kan., where police arrested him, Meggerson and the third defendant, 19-year-old Charles Bowser.

A revolver found on King’s bed inside the house had the deputy’s DNA on it, and a pair of boots found nearby had the DNA of a Kansas City robbery victim who had been pistol-whipped.

“Is that a coincidence?” Bryant asked jurors Thursday. “That would have to be a really unfortunate coincidence.”

Unopened liquor bottles — the same kind taken in one of the robberies and shown on surveillance — also were found in the house.

Police also recovered a photo from Meggerson’s cellphone that showed him posing with a liquor bottle. The photo was reportedly taken right after the robbery where the liquor was taken.

Outside the house, Bowser’s car was parked in the driveway, and King’s DNA was found on a glove inside the car that matched the gloves worn by one of the robbers. Gloves containing the DNA of Bowser and Meggerson were also found, although Meggerson’s lawyer, James Spies, argued the glove did not match any of those worn by the robbers seen on surveillance videos.

Spies argued that while there was clear evidence against King and Bowser, none linked Meggerson to any of the crimes.

He said clothing, shoes and a gun depicted on videos of the robberies was never found by police. He suggested that another man, who was not caught, was the third robber involved in the crime spree.

Debera Erickson, attorney for King, argued there was too much reasonable doubt to find King guilty. She noted that at the time of one robbery, cellphone records showed King’s phone was miles away.

She argued that the DNA of other unknown people was also found on the items containing King’s DNA.

A sentencing date for King and Meggerson was not set Friday. The attempted murder count carries a sentence of life in prison without the chance of parole for 20 years. Sentences on the other counts will depend on each man’s prior criminal history.

Bowser is scheduled to go to trial May 16.

Jurors were not told about another robbery that Bowser recently was convicted of committing. He is awaiting sentencing in that case. King was acquitted of the charges in that case.

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