Deputy describes being shot during KCK robbery

Scott Wood
Scott Wood

What happened March 4, 2015, changed — and almost ended — Scott Wood’s life.

On Wednesday, the Wyandotte County sheriff’s deputy described to a jury what he felt that day as he was shot multiple times while lying face down on a convenience store floor.

“That I was going to die,” Wood testified in the trial of two of the three men charged with trying to kill him. “I could feel my body being hit by bullets.”

Dyron King, 25, and Cecil Meggerson, 36, are accused of attempted capital murder in the shooting of Wood. They also are charged with multiple counts of aggravated robbery, aggravated battery and being felons in possession of firearms.

A third suspect will be tried later.

It was just after 1 a.m. when Wood stopped at a 7-Eleven on Shawnee Drive in Kansas City, Kan., on his way home from work.

With his back turned to the front door, Wood was talking with store clerk Dan Bayer when the deputy noticed the look on Bayer’s face.

“It was like he just witnessed something horrible right in front of his eyes,” Wood testified.

What Bayer saw were three masked, armed men “bust through the doors.”

When Wood turned around, one of the robbers had a gun pointing at his face.

Wood said he immediately got down on the floor and could hear them “yelling and cursing at Bayer” to give them the money or they would shoot him.

When one of the robbers noticed Wood had a gun, the robber struck him on the back of the head with a blunt object. The robber took Wood’s gun out of its holster.

“He told me if I moved they would shoot and kill me,” the deputy said.

Wood said he didn’t move or try to struggle before he heard gunshots and felt pain on the side of his face and his mouth filling with blood. Additional bullets struck him in the shoulder, chest and abdomen. He testified Wednesday that he didn’t know how many shots were fired.

“There was a lot,” he said.

After the robbers fled, Wood radioed for help before losing consciousness.

He spent 15 days in the hospital and needed a metal plate put into the side of his face to repair his shattered jaw. He has yet to return to work.

Bayer testified Wednesday that he was struck on the head before giving the robbers all of the money he could. He then said, “I laid down on the floor and tried to be invisible.”

That’s when he heard the shots being fired. After the robbers fled, he called 911.

Both Bayer and Wood testified that they could not identify the robbers because masks covered their faces.

Prosecutor Kristiane Bryant told jurors Tuesday that the incident was the last in a string of armed robberies in Kansas City and Kansas City, Kan., that authorities believe the same three men committed.

Store employees were pistol-whipped and shots were fired in each of those holdups. The robbers wore masks in all of the robberies.

Bryant said a fingerprint found on a cigarette pack at one Kansas City crime scene led them to King and the others.

A gun found in the house where the men were arrested had Wood’s blood on it, she said.

Testimony is scheduled to continue into next week.

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