Three people injured Friday night in two separate incidents. Shot in their cars

Bullets flew Friday night in Kansas City, leaving three people wounded in what seemed to be two separate incidents.

Shortly before 10 p.m., Kansas City Police responded to what was reported to be a car crash with injuries at 63rd Street and Hardesty Avenue. When police arrived, they instead found one of five people shot in the leg, another had a facial injury either from the accident or a graze from a bullet.

The victims said they had been driving east along 63rd, and were being pursued by another vehicle. To get away, they made a U-turn on 63rd, but crashed into a ditch. The suspects in pursuit then got out of their vehicle and fired shots into the crashed vehicle before fleeing.

Police were also sent to Saint Luke’s Hospital near the County Club Plaza Friday night. A victim of another shooting had been driven to the hospital. He told police that he and three others had left Club Proof, 2801 Southwest Blvd., got in their vehicle and were on the highway when the occupants of another vehicle began firing at them. The victim was grazed in the back of his head.

Police said the injuries were not life threatening. The suspects were said to be unknown.