List of Kansas City area homicides in 2019

If you witness a crime, here’s what to do

Witnessing a crime and reporting it can be just as frightening as being the victim of a crime. Here’s what you should do if you witness illegal activity.
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Witnessing a crime and reporting it can be just as frightening as being the victim of a crime. Here’s what you should do if you witness illegal activity.

Here is a list of the homicides reported this year in the Kansas City area. It includes the names of the victims and when and where they died. The most recent homicides are at the top.

The Kansas City Star includes fatal police shootings in this list, which may cause the total number for a city to differ from that kept by a police department. Some of the homicides on the list may be judged by authorities as justifiable homicide.

Kansas City

77. Unidentified man on July 20

Police said a man was killed and two other people were injured in a shooting about 12:30 p.m. in the 3700 block of Independence Avenue.

76. Kaaya D. Wright, 40, on July 19

A woman’s body was found in a vehicle at 2301 Topping Avenue. A witness said he was driving through Blue Valley Park when he observed the body and called police.

75. Dillon Hatcher, 19, on July 16

Hatcher died and another man was injured after someone reportedly shot at their vehicle in the area of 81st Terrace and Blue Ridge Boulevard. The injured man drove himself and Hatcher to Research Medical Center, where Hatcher was pronounced dead.

74. Marcus Warren, 30, on July 11

Warren was found deceased, lying on a sidewalk near 63rd Street and South Benton Avenue about 5:45 a.m. Police later said he had been shot.

73. Corey Robinson, 18, on July 9

Police found the victim lying in the grass at the south end of Brookside Park near 57th and McGee streets in the Brookside area of Kansas City. Witnesses said they heard a disturbance prior to the shooting.

72. Charles Pelton, 18, on July 8

A man died at a hospital after being shot near a basketball court in the parking lot behind the Evangel Church. Police responded to reports of shots being fired about 10:45 p.m. near the church in the 1400 block of East 103rd Street.

71. Travon Deshaun Jones, 21, on July 8

A man was found fatally shot on a sidewalk near East 31st Street and Van Brunt Boulevard, according to police. Witnesses said a man shot the victim and fled in a blue vehicle.

70. Ki’essence Pelton, 25, on July 7

Gunfire erupted shortly after 12:45 a.m. near 39th Street and Myrtle Avenue. A driver of a vehicle realized Pelton, a passenger, was struck by gunfire and drove her to a hospital, where she was pronounced dead.

69. Mack Jones, 30, found on July 6

Jones, a local rapper who had been reported missing since July 2, was found dead in a vehicle around 11:15 a.m. in the 6600 block of Monroe Avenue, police said. His cause of death has not been released but police were investigating his death as a homicide.

68. Gregory Payton Jr., 30, on July 6

Police were called around 5:30 a.m. to the 3900 block of Topping Avenue in regard to a man who was found unresponsive inside a vehicle. It appeared he had been shot. The man, identified as Payton, was pronounced dead.

67. Lynn Armstrong, 48, on July 5

Police were called to an apartment in the 9300 block of Myrtle Avenue around 4:45 a.m. in regard to an unresponsive man. The man, identified as Armstrong, was pronounced dead. Police have not said how he died but were investigating his death as a homicide.

66. Reginald L. Rembert, 59, on July 1

Officers responding to reports of gunfire found Rembert lying on the sidewalk in a Kansas City neighborhood. The deadly shooting occurred shortly before 6 a.m. near 35th Street and Montgall Avenue.

65. Breana Robison, 19, on June 28

Officers were called to the 600 block of Blue Ridge Boulevard around 7:30 p.m. in regard “a party armed.” They found Robison with a gunshot wound in the home. Police had no information on a suspect.

64. Brooklyn Lindsey, 32, on June 25

Police were investigating the death of a person whose body was found on the front porch of an abandoned home in the 600 block of Spruce Avenue about 6:30 a.m. The victim’s identity has not been released.

63. Bryan Bradford, 31, on June 23

A man was hospitalized after he was shot about 12:50 a.m. at East 18th and Vine streets. He died later in the day, according to police.

62. Shawndell Reed, 33, on June 23

Reed shot and killed about 1:30 p.m. near East 28th Street and Park Avenue. Police said they were told by witnesses that the victim was in a physical altercation with the shooter before he was killed.

61. Barry B. Barns, 25, on June 21

The shooting left Burns dead and two others injured about 5:30 p.m. near East 84th Street on Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard, formerly known as The Paseo. Minutes after officers arrived, the victims showed up at a hospital. Police said the triple shooting appeared to be “drug related.”

60. Caprice Hardy, 22, on June 18

Police were investigating a shooting that killed Hardy about 4:15 p.m. at East 41st Street and Monroe Avenue. Witnesses told police a gold SUV was seen leaving the scene after the shooting. A man was charged with second-degree murder.

59. Michael A. Lorthridge, 40, on June 11

Lorthridge was killed and a woman was injured in a shooting after 7 p.m. during a disturbance outside a home in the 7800 block of East 118th Terrace, police said. A man was charged in connection to the shooting.

58. Sade Abdi, 28, on June 8

Officers responding to numerous calls regarding the sound of shots being fired found Abdi lying on the ground outside a parked vehicle near the entrance of an apartment complex in the 2100 block of Lexington Avenue in Kansas City’s Northeast area. He was pronounced dead at the scene.

57. Destiny D. Brooks, 33, on June 4

Brooks was found shot in a park near 11th Street and Prospect Avenue. A passerby flagged down police to alert them to the injured woman about 2:30 p.m. Brooks later died from her wounds.

56. Kevin M. Allen, 42, on June 3

Police were called to a shooting about 11:45 p.m. at 39th and Wyandotte streets. They found a man’s body in the driver’s seat of a parked vehicle.

55. Jaris R. Wilson, 16, on May 28

Wilson was killed and another teen was seriously injured in a shooting that happened around 4:40 p.m. in the 11800 block of East 60th Street, police said.

54. Calvin W. Syas, 35, on May 27

Police responded to a disturbance near East 35th and Olive and found a man in the street who had been stabbed. He was declared dead at the scene. At least two suspects reportedly fled in a gold Chrysler vehicle.

53. Terrance Bridges, 30, on May 26

Bridges was considered a suspect in an armed carjacking during a domestic disturbance. He was shot and killed as he struggled with an officer during an arrest, according to police. The disturbance occurred in the 7000 block of Bellefontaine Avenue.

52. Richshod M. Hill, 22, on May 25

Hill died in a shooting following a disturbance at a home in the 4100 block of Montgall Avenue around 12:30 a.m., police said.

51. Joshua Jackson, 30, on May 23

Police responding to a shooting about 11:30 a.m. near Truman Road and Oakley Avenue found a man shot and killed at a home. A second man was found injured at a nearby discount store.

50. Marquaun A. Grace, 20, on May 18

Officers found Grace dead inside a vehicle after gunfire was heard in a neighborhood at 51st Street and Euclid Avenue before 10 p.m., police said.

49. Charles Cecil, 51, on May 17

Police were called to investigate a shooting after 3 a.m. at Morrell and Askew Avenues. Officers found a man who died at the scene and a 53-year-old woman who was critically injured.

48. Unknown male, 14, on May 14

The teen died after police said he was accidentally shot about 3:30 a.m. at the Vivion Oaks Apartments at 50th Court and North Oak Trafficway. Police said two teens were playing with a firearm while other family members were sleeping when the shooting took place.

47. Damon Copes, 28, on May 13

Police responded about 7 p.m. to a shooting at 24th and Quincy. Copes was transported to the hospital where he died.

46. Matthew Calkins, 35, on May 5

Firefighters found Calkins’ body in the basement of a burning home in the 5600 block of North Poe Street at about 5:30 p.m. May 5. Authorities said he was shot and dismembered.

45. Ronny Henderson, 32, on May 1

Henderson was fatally shot about 9:30 p.m. following a disturbance inside a home in the 8000 block of Brooklyn Avenue, police said. Police were interviewing multiple people in the case.

44. Dwayne Sutton, 27, on April 30

Police said shots were fired inside a car and the driver pulled into a BP gas station at 4009 Blue Ridge Cutoff. Officers were called to the scene before 7 p.m., and found Sutton, who died from gunshot wounds.

43. Delano Brown, 39, on April 21

Police found Brown shot to death inside a vehicle parked in the 200 block of Lydia Avenue about 5:15 p.m.

42. Jordan Matthews, 27, on April 20

Police were called about 10:30 p.m. and found Matthews shot on the sidewalk near 81st Street and Wabash Avenue. He was pronounced dead and no suspect description was available.

41. Maurice Jennings, 27, on April 19

Police said Jennings was found with life-threatening injuries in the 3400 block of Olive Street after several shots were heard in the area. He was taken to a hospital where he died.

40. Rasheed Gant, 35, on April 13

Gant was found with gunshot wounds after 6 a.m. near East 74th Street and Palmer Avenue, police said. He was pronounced dead at the scene.

39. Lamar Sharp, 32, on April 10

Sharp was one of four people shot in the 5300 block of Michigan Avenue after 3:45 p.m. April 9, police said. The victim died from his injuries April 10.

38. Deontae Campbell, 17, on April 6

The teenager was shot on the night of April 5 after a car he was riding in came under fire at The Paseo near East 63rd Street, police said. He died the next day. No suspect information was available.

37. Daisy J. Mayfield, 67, on April 4

According to police, officers were called to the 8100 block of Holmes Road on a medical call at about 11:09 a.m. Due to a foul odor outside the apartment, police said the fire department forced its way into the residence. A deceased female was located in the living room.

36. Michael A. Garrett, 40, on April 1

Officers responding to reports of a shooting shortly after 1 p.m. near James A. Reed Road and 63rd Street found a car pulled off to the side of 63rd near Interstate 435. Inside, they found a man who had been fatally shot and a woman critically injured.

35. Derrick White, 40, on April 1

Police responding to a call around 10 a.m. found a man shot and killed in a car near East 67th Street and Walrond Avenue.

34. Ashley Ledesma, 28, on March 31

Police responded to reports of a shooting about 12:30 a.m. at a home in the 6000 block of Park Avenue. They found the victim inside the house with no signs of life. She was pronounced dead shortly thereafter. Three “persons of interest” were taken into custody after a high speed chase.

33. Clinton Holman Jr., 16, on March 29

Police were sent to the 4300 block of Indiana Street at 11:30 p.m. on a report of a shooting and found one victim at the residence. No suspect information has been released.

32. Joseph D. Corum, 30, on March 28

Police responded to the shooting about 2:30 a.m. in the 2400 block of Lister Avenue. Arriving officers found the victim with gunshot wounds inside a house. The man died a short time later, police said.

31. Michael Glover, 29, on March 27

Officers responded to an ambulance call about 3:15 a.m. after a man was found in the street in the 6900 block of Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard, formerly known as The Paseo. The shooting victim, Glover, showed no signs of life and was pronounced dead. No suspect information was available.

30. Norman Travis, 47, on March 17

Travis died after being stabbed at the Days Inn hotel in the 5100 block of East Linwood Boulevard. Police responded to the hotel shortly after 4 a.m. The man was rushed to the hospital where he was pronounced dead.

29. Dontayus Wiles, 40, on March 16

Wiles died after being shot multiple times in the parking lot of Wild Woody’s Happy Foods, police said. The man was sitting in a vehicle when someone fired multiple shots into his car shortly after 6 p.m. at the market in the 4000 block of East 31st Street.

28. Ladajah Oliver, 23, on March 15

Oliver was found dead inside her apartment shortly after 1:30 p.m. in the 6400 block of Manchester Avenue. Police later said she was stabbed.

27. Allen Davis, 30, on March 15

Davis was shot outside an auto repair shop in the 4600 block of Prospect Avenue on March 8. He died from his injuries on March 15, police said. No suspect information has been released.

26. Reginald Perkins, 47, on March 14

Police said Perkins died from a gunshot wound inside a residence in the 6900 block of Spruce Avenue around 8:30 p.m. No suspect information has been released.

25. Deron Ross, 29, on March 14

Ross was shot multiple times in the 5300 block of Swope Parkway just after midnight, police said. No suspect information was available, but police released images of two people they were looking to identify.

23, 24. Michael Lee Scott, 32, and Ja’Sean C. Rice, 21, on March 11

Officers were sent to a home in the 3500 block of Norton Avenue to conduct a welfare check about 2:20 p.m. They found Scott and Rice shot and killed. No arrests have been announced.

22. Noella Bartley, 18, on March 4

Officers responding to reports of gunfire about 10:15 p.m. found Bartley and two others inside a vehicle at 51st Street and Prospect. Bartley was pronounced dead at the scene. The two other victims were taken to hospitals with serious injuries.

21. Austin C. Williams, 30, on Feb. 24

Police said Williams was shot multiple times about 1:15 p.m. at the Denton apartment building at 5951 NW 63rd Terrace in Kansas City, North. Police had no description of a suspect.

20. Richard King, 21, on Feb. 21

King died and another person was injured in a double shooting before 6:15 p.m. in the 4000 block of Harvard Lane at Harvard Court Apartments, police said. No suspect information has been released.

19. LaKeasha R. Taylor, 22, on Feb. 17

About 9:45 a.m. police were called to a home in the 6400 block of East 12th Terrace. Officers found Taylor shot and killed. An 18-year-old was arrested and charged after her death.

18. Anthony D. Williams, 26, on Feb. 17

About 2:15 a.m. police were called to the 8700 block of Troost, where they found a man and a woman in a vehicle, suffering from gunshot wounds. Williams died at the scene and the woman was taken to a hospital. Witnesses told police the two had been involved in a disturbance in a nearby nightclub.

17. Terrell L. Parker, 29, on Feb. 16

Police were called to a home in the 5700 block of Manchester Avenue around 9:12 p.m. in reference to a shooting. Officers found a man dead at the scene. Witnesses said the suspect and victim were involved in a disturbance just before shots were fired.

16. An’Janique Wright, 15, on Feb. 12

The teenage girl was fatally shot as she was leaving a basketball game at the Central Academy of Excellence at 3221 Indiana Avenue around 8:15 p.m. She was among two groups of people who had gotten into an argument during the game. Two women have been charged in her death.

15. Ronte N. Wilson, 22, on Feb. 11

About 10:50 p.m. police responded to a shooting at 67th Street and The Paseo. Officers found Wilson in the grass, injured by gunfire. The Grandview man was taken to a hospital, where he was pronounced dead.

14. Charles B. Williams, 56, on Feb. 6

A man’s decomposing body was found inside a house in the 4200 block of St. John Avenue at about 8 p.m. The Jackson County Medical Examiner ruled the death as a homicide, police said on Feb. 8.

13. Kieanthony Rankins, 21, on Feb. 6

Police said it appeared Rankins was shot to death at an apartment complex in the 8200 block of Troost Avenue just before 8:30p.m. Police had no information on a suspect.

12. Thierno Sy, 22, on Feb. 6

Sy died following a shooting about 8 p.m. near an apartment complex at 14th Street and Highland Avenue. Police had no information on a suspect.

11. Michael E. Bryan, 40, on Feb. 5

Bryan died after he was shot about 5 a.m. outside the Windstar gas station at 17th Street and Grand Boulevard in the city’s Crossroads district. Police released an image of a man thought to be the shooter.

10. Jackie “JJ” Johnson, 25, on Feb. 3

Johnson, owner of a local barber shop, was found dead in a car near 19th and Vine streets about 2 a.m. after police responded to a call of shots fired at 18th and Vine. The shooting also left another victim injured.

9. Marvon Kirkwood, 21, on Jan. 27

Kirkwood was killed in a triple shooting about 2:30 a.m. near Linwood Boulevard and Olive Street. Two other victims were injured. Police did not release any suspect information.

8. Fernando Perez, 17, on Jan. 26

Perez was fatally injured in a triple shooting about 10:45 p.m. and was among three victims who showed up seeking help at a fire station near 22nd Street and Hardesty Avenue. Police think the three were shot near Ashland Square Park in the 2200 block of Elmwood Avenue.

7. Cameron Douglas, 23, on Jan. 21

Douglas was fatally shot following an altercation in the parking lot of an apartment complex in the 5300 block of Oak Leaf Drive, police said. A 21-year-old Kansas City man, Jason Cook, was charged with second-degree murder on Jan. 22 in connection to the shooting.

6. Barbara J. Harper, 71, on Jan. 16

Harper was shot while driving on Interstate 70 near the Paseo in the early morning hours of Jan. 16. Police believe she may have been targeted by mistake. On Jan. 17, prosecutors charged Dakkota Siders, 25, with second-degree murder, unlawful possession and use of a firearm and delivery of a controlled substance in connection to her death.

5. Joseph Mason, 67, on Jan. 11

Mason died shortly after he was found with a gunshot wound inside an apartment building on the northeast side of the city. Officers were called to investigate the shooting around 8:30 p.m. Jan. 11 in the 1100 block of Hardesty Avenue.

4. Arkests Grant, 17, on Jan. 6

Grant was shot in his driveway at about 7:30 p.m. Jan. 6 in the 3900 block of Wabash Avenue. Grant was found by his mother, who also saw the suspect fleeing from the scene.

3. LeonDre Thompson-Jones, 20, on Jan. 5

Jones, a 20-year-old father of a young daughter, was shot and killed inside an apartment in the Northland, police say. Another man was injured in the shooting. Police say they have no information on a suspect or a motive.

2. Airrin P. Scott, 23, on Jan. 5

Scott was shot as he walked out of the parking lot of Troost Market about 8:30 p.m. Jan. 4 at Troost Avenue and 80th Street, police said. He was taken to a hospital, where he later died. Gregory Jefferson III is charged with second-degree murder in Scott’s killing.

1. Tony L. Carmons, 60, on Jan. 2

Carmons was stabbed on the night of Jan. 2 in an apartment in the 2100 block of East 10th Street. He later died at a hospital. Witnesses identified his girlfriend, Carmelita G. Smith, as the woman who allegedly killed him. Smith was charged with second-degree murder on Jan. 3.

Kansas City, Kansas

11, 12. Dennis G. Edwards, 62, and Lachell Day, 42, on July 10

Police found Edwards dead and Day shot inside a business Edwards owned, Edwards Original Corner Market at 81 North Mill Street. Day later died from her injuries. Police were called to the scene after 3 p.m. A suspect has been charged in their deaths.

10. Dominique Jennings, 22, on June 3

Police responded to a domestic disturbance about 3:45 p.m. in the 700 block of North 22nd Street. Officers found Jennings dead from gunshot wounds. One person was taken into custody.

9. Edgar Banks, 31, on May 26

Officers were called to Parkwood and Boulevard and Brown Avenue. A man who had been shot several times died at the scene.

8. Aaron Johnson, 32, on May 25

Officers responded to a shooting in the 1600 block of Holt Lane and found Johnson’s body. An arrest has been made.

7. Regina Hill, 34, on May 24

A woman was killed in a shooting just before 3 a.m. at an apartment complex in the 600 block of 71st Terrace, near 72nd Street and Kansas Avenue.

6. Kenneth Barr, 60, on April 3

Police responding to a shooting shortly after 11 p.m. in the 1000 block of Lafayette Avenue found a man who had been shot. He was pronounced dead at the scene.

5. Todd Walker, 21, on April 1

Police were investigating the shooting death of a man found in the 2100 block of Silver Court about 9:20 p.m. The man, later identified as Walker, a Kansas City resident, had been shot several times.

4. Eric Jackson, 38, on Feb. 23

Jackson, of Shawnee, was shot as he left work shortly after 1:30 a.m. in the 200 block of Kindleberger Road, in an industrial area in the Fairfax section of Kansas City, Kansas, according to police.

3. Angela Gatlin, 41, on Feb. 12

Police said the victim was shot in the 2100 block of Fifth Street and was taken to a hospital in critical condition. She later died of her injuries. Police were looking for a person of interest and a vehicle.

2. Donnell C. Preston, 31, on Feb. 7

Officers were called to the 300 block of North 70th Terrace about 12:34 a.m. on a reported shooting and found the victim. Fire crews arrived and declared the Preston dead.

1. Bradley J. Samsel, 18, on Jan. 7

Samsel, a teenager from Tonganoxie, was killed and a female was seriously injured in a shooting at the Chelsea Plaza apartments in the 500 block of Freeman Drive after 8:30 p.m. Jan. 7.

Overland Park

2. Deshawn L. Brim on June 10

A Boost Mobile clerk fatally shot Brim during an alleged armed robbery about 7:45 p.m. at the store near 76th Street and Metcalf Avenue. Brim allegedly showed a gun and demanded items. He was shot after he jumped a counter.

1. Ben Workman-Greco, 17, on Jan. 23

The teenager was fatally shot around 10:25 p.m. in his apartment in the 8000 block of Farley Street. Three people — two adults and one juvenile — have been arrested and charged in the case.


2. Rowan Padgett, 17, on March 29

Police were called to the 12300 block of South Mullen Court about 4:51 p.m. and found an unresponsive teenager who had been shot. The teen, Padgett, died at the scene. No arrests have been announced.

1. Sharon McManness, 75, on Jan. 23

Police said Sharon McManness died under suspicious circumstances in her home in the 3000 block of South Cardinal Drive, police said. Her 51-year-old son, Raymond Thomas McManness, was arrested on suspicion of first-degree murder and mistreatment of a dependent adult.


3. Unidentified man on July 14

One man was killed and another was injured in a shooting about 12:40 p.m. near Interstate 70 and U.S. 40 highway. No suspect information was initially released.

2. Michael E. Lopez, 36, on Feb. 20

Police said Lopez was found dead inside a home about 11:40 p.m. in the 2500 block of South Sterling Avenue. Officers were called there on reports of an aggravated assault and shooting. Police said they detained several people.

1. Shaunte P. McIntosh, 28, on Feb. 11

Police received a call about 11 p.m. about an aggravated assault at a home in the 1600 block of West Sheley Road. Arriving officers found McIntosh shot and killed inside the home.


2. Jeremy Kitscher, 40, on April 20

Police said Kitscher was found with a gunshot wound shortly after 12:15 a.m. April 20 at a home in the 300 block of Grand Street. He was taken to a hospital, where he was pronounced dead.

1. Mason R. Teel, 24, on Feb. 11

Teel was shot to death in front of his home in the 200 block of Manor Drive around 2 a.m. On Feb. 14, Demetrius Dontae Singh, 21, was charged with first-degree murder for Teel’s death.


6. Unidentified man on July 20

A man was found shot inside a wrecked vehicle around 6:20 a.m. in the 10700 block of East 59th Street. No arrests have been announced.

5. Unidentified man on July 18

Police said a man was shot to death in a home in the 8400 block of Elm Avenue just before midnight. One person was taken into custody.

4. Rayauna M. Hill, 17, on June 15

The teen was found shot at Sarah Colman-Livengood Park on Lane Avenue at 12:24 a.m. She was pronounced dead shortly after she was taken to a hospital.

2, 3. Rita F. Moore, 44, and Rodney W. Brundige, 49, on March 12

The couple was fatally shot inside their apartment in the 11700 block of East 83rd Street around 6 a.m. A teenage witness told police Moore’s ex-boyfriend shot Moore and Brundige and then turned the gun on himself. Clifton L. Jack, 45, survived the self-inflicted gunshot wound, and was charged with two counts of first-degree murder.

1. Riley S. McCrackin, 19, on March 4

About 10:50 p.m., police were called to the alley behind Raytown Recreation at 10012 E. 63rd St. to investigate a shooting. Officers arrived and found McCrackin dead with multiple gunshot wounds.


3. Damian Norfleet, 14, on June 24

Officers responded to reports of a shooting about 11:30 p.m. in the 13100 block of Ashland Avenue, which is a residential neighborhood just east of Raytown and High Grove roads in Grandview. Officers found the teen’s body inside the home.

2. Chad M. McLanahan, 38, on May 26

Police responded to a shooting about 5:15 p.m. in the 1000 block of Pinkston Street. They found McLanahan had been shot. He later died at a hospital.

1. Erick McDonough, 28, on April 13

McDonough died after a vehicle hit him and left the scene about 3:20 p.m. at Second and Third streets. Prosecutors say a man intentionally hit McDonough with a truck A murder charge has been filed in connection to the death.

Jackson County

1. Kimberly R. Alcorn, 54, on June 26

Deputies responded to a shooting shortly before midnight Wednesday at a home in the 13000 block of South Harris Road near Greenwood in a rural part of Jackson County. Arriving deputies found Alcorn deceased inside the home. A suspect has been arrested and charged.


1. Natalie Jefferson, 20, on July 10

Police suspected a possible murder and suicide in the shooting deaths of two people found inside a recreational vehicle at Doc’s RV Park in Liberty. One of the persons killed was Jefferson, a resident of the RV park at 1600 Southview Dive. The other person was identified as 19-year-old Nicholas Rivers, of Gilbert, Arizona.


1. Lucia Frayre, 30, on July 16

Police said a woman died from injuries she sustained in a domestic violence incident from July 13. A suspect has been arrested and charged.

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