Man charged in Johnson County with animal cruelty, inserting stick into horse

Sergio Rodriguez Chaga
Sergio Rodriguez Chaga Johnson County Sheriff's Office

A 58-year-old man is charged with animal cruelty after a horse was found in Johnson County with its legs injured and a stick inserted in its vagina.

Sergio Rodriguez Chaga of Kansas City, Kan., is also charged in Johnson County District Court with criminal damage to property and trespassing.

He was arrested late Friday night and appeared in court Monday afternoon.

A landowner in unincorporated Johnson County found his horse with its legs injured on Friday and took it to a veterinarian. There, the vet found that a stick had been inserted in the horse's vagina, according to the allegations.

Information on the extent of the horse's injuries was not immediately available Monday morning. Available court documents don't provide a motive or if Chaga was acquainted with the horse's owner.

He is jailed on a bond of $10,000, and is due back in court May 17.

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