KC man allegedly threatened to shoot up school, says it was 'just a misunderstanding'

Lucas Ledford
Lucas Ledford Raytown police

A Kansas City man has been charged with threatening to shoot up a Raytown school and members of a Facebook group with whom he was arguing online, the Jackson County Prosecutor's Office announced Thursday.

Lucas G. Ledford of Kansas City was charged Thursday with making a terrorist threat — a misdemeanor crime punishable by up to a year in prison.

Ledford, 23, allegedly wrote Tuesday on Facebook that "im not talk I will fu----- shoot somebody all Raytown is talk. ... I will shoot the fu----- school."

Ledford was writing in the Raytown Unleashed Facebook group, police said, after someone who had been involved in a dispute invited Ledford to the conversation.

It is unclear from court records what group members were arguing about.

An informant who contacted the Raytown Police Department shared screenshots of Ledford's comments.

When police responded to Ledford's home, police said Ledford told them, "I wasn’t gonna do anything. ... I’m not gonna do anything. ... The whole thing was just a misunderstanding."

Ledford's bond was set at $5,000.

Porsche Seals, a mother of four students in the Raytown School District, spoke highly of the students who reported the threat of violence against the district made on Sunday. She spoke during a discussion held by the Citizens Advisory Committee on