Former Belton pastor charged with statutory rape of girl, 14, he met at church

Wesley Ian Lamb
Wesley Ian Lamb

A former associate pastor at the Belton Assembly of God has been charged with two counts of statutory rape for allegedly having sex with a 14-year-old girl he met at the church.

Wesley Ian Lamb, 28, is in custody in Douglas County, Ill., according to online records. A Cass County warrant has been issued, and bond is set at $50,000.

According to a court document in Cass County, Lamb had two sexual encounters with the victim in September when the two ostensibly met for tutoring sessions.

The victim told investigators two versions of the first encounter. In one version, she said they had sex in a van. She said Lamb told her he would not do it again if she didn’t tell anybody. She told investigators she was too scared to tell anyone.

In the second version, she said Lamb guided her to his bedroom in his home and removed her clothes. The girl said she “went into shock” and “blacked out” and then Lamb had sex with her.

One week later, the girl said, Lamb picked her up from school and brought her to his house. She said Lamb again guided her to his bedroom and they had sex. The girl said Lamb’s wife entered the room and began yelling at her husband. The wife later denied that to investigators, saying she and her husband were arguing about finances.

After the second alleged encounter, police were called to a hospital emergency room to investigate a rape. Police found a Facebook Messenger thread of conversation between Lamb and the girl that went on for 66 pages and contained inappropriate postings.

“It appeared that the victim was trying to keep the conversation about her school work but the defendant was more flirtatious,” the court document said. “Several of the comments from the defendant were very suggestive in nature.”

When Lamb was summoned to the Belton Police Department, he told investigators his wife had been present for each of the tutoring sessions and that the couple had bought the girl birth control in case she was having sex. When police told him they had DNA evidence that they would compare to his DNA, Lamb reportedly said, “Oh my god she’s a minor.” When asked her age, Lamb reportedly said “14, 15, 16.”

The senior pastor at the Belton Assembly of God told KMBC that Lamb “was put on suspension and had to resign all positions” at the church.

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