Man sentenced for role in kidnapping of 3-year-old girl in KCK

Tyler Letzig
Tyler Letzig

A 28-year-old man was sentenced Wednesday to 3 years and eight months in prison for his role in the kidnapping a 3-year-old girl from outside a Kansas City, Kan., gas station.

Tyler Letzig was sentenced in Wyandotte County District Court where he pleaded guilty in September to robbery for his role in the July incident.

A woman who was with Letzig that day allegedly stole a vehicle from the gas station at 7th Street and Riverview Avenue. The 3-year-old was asleep in the vehicle which had been left running before it was taken.

The little girl was later found safe with the stolen vehicle in a secluded area of Leavenworth County.

While the suspects apparently were unaware that a child was in the car when it was taken, prosecutors said they intentionally left the girl “out in the middle of nowhere.”

Letzig’s lawyer, James Spies, said Wednesday that it was a “very spur of the moment crime” that his client wanted to resolve as quickly as possible for the sake of the little girl’s family.

“He knows that he screwed up,” Spies said.

Before he was sentenced, Letzig said he wanted to apologize to the family.

“We made a mistake and I’m sorry for it,” he said.

The woman, Karri Reich, remains in jail. She is charged with kidnapping, child endangerment and theft.

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