Sentencing postponed for father of tortured boy whose body was fed to pigs

Adrian Jones smiled on Christmas Eve 2012, the last time his grandmother Judy Conway saw him.
Adrian Jones smiled on Christmas Eve 2012, the last time his grandmother Judy Conway saw him.

The sentencing for the father of a young boy tortured and abused in the family’s home has been postponed.

Michael Jones, 46, was scheduled to be sentenced on Wednesday. A spokesman for the Wyandotte County District Attorney’s Office said in a release Tuesday afternoon that the sentencing has been continued until Monday at 1:30 p.m. No reason was given.

Jones pleaded guilty to first-degree murder on March 31. The remains of his 7-year-old son, Adrian Jones, were found in November 2015 on property rented by Jones and his wife in the 5200 block of North 99th Street. Adrian’s body was fed to pigs, which were reportedly bought for that purpose.

Jones’ wife and the boy’s stepmother, 31-year-old Heather Jones, previously pleaded guilty to first-degree murder and child abuse. She was sentenced to life in prison with no chance of parole for 25 years for the murder conviction. Heather Jones also received an additional sentence of five years and eight months in prison for the child abuse.

The Star reported Sunday that the home was equipped with more than 30 surveillance cameras that captured some of the abuse and torture that Adrian endured for several months. Images and videos from the cameras show the young boy emaciated and standing naked in a white-tiled shower stall, strapped to an inversion table and kept outside at night in an in-ground pool that hadn’t been cleaned and contained a few inches of stagnant water.

Adrian’s maternal grandmother, Judy Conway, told the newspaper that she forced herself to view those photos and videos to prepare for Michael Jones’ trial. She believes seeing what happened to her grandson allowed her to feel the pain that Adrian felt.

In a recurring dream, Judy Conway saves her grandson Adrian Jones then wakes up, shaken, the moment after shooting Adrian's father and stepmother. Seven-year-old Adrian was abused and ultimately fed to pigs on the Kansas City, Kan., property where

“It was the most unimaginable thing that you could ever imagine,” Conway told The Star. “If you could think of the worst of the worst. It went beyond putting a child in a room and just some physical abuse. It went to all realms, to any kind of abuse you can imagine.”

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