Area federal prosecutors charge four men as part of FBI sex trafficking investigation

Derrick D. Horne of Grandview is one of four men in the Kansas City region charged with conspiracy to commit sex trafficking.
Derrick D. Horne of Grandview is one of four men in the Kansas City region charged with conspiracy to commit sex trafficking. Wyandotte County Sheriff’s Office

Federal prosecutors in Kansas and Missouri on Tuesday charged four men with commercial sex trafficking related to an international FBI-led investigation.

Calvin A. Miller, 34, and Henry Dailey, 36, were charged in federal court in Kansas City with conspiracy to commit sex trafficking involving three victims.

The men are cousins and were arrested Friday night at a hotel in Independence after an undercover police officer made arrangements to hire a prostitute through an online ad.

Derrick D. Horne, 26, of Grandview, was arrested Saturday night in Kansas City, Kan., after he drove an 18-year-old woman to meet with a customer who was actually an undercover officer, according to court documents.

And John H. Dickerson, 34, of Wichita, was arrested in that city Saturday night and charged Tuesday with the commercial sex trafficking of a 17-year-old girl.

Like the other cases, he was arrested after an undercover police officer responded to an online ad.

The four were among numerous people arrested in Kansas and Missouri as part of the human trafficking investigation called Operation Cross Country X, according to the FBI, which coordinated the effort with local police agencies.

The FBI said five teens and four women who were victims of sex trafficking were rescued as part of the operation in Kansas and Missouri. The FBI said 12 pimps and 14 prostitution customers were arrested.

Twelve of the local arrests were made in Overland Park.

A police spokesman said that seven men were arrested for patronizing a prostitute, and five adult women were arrested for prostitution.

All 12 received Overland Park Municipal Court citations for the misdemeanor charges.

In the case involving Miller and Dailey, detectives allegedly found three women with them in Independence. The women reportedly said they were forced to perform sex acts for money and then turn the money over to the men. One of the women allegedly told officers that she had eared about $13,000 in the past month and turned it all over to Miller.

The women reportedly said Miller and Dailey forced them to use drugs to keep them addicted and dependent.

All of the women said they were physically abused and sexually assaulted by their pimps.

“If I tell you anything, he will kill me,” one of the women said to detectives, according to court documents.

That woman also allegedly told police that Miller had broken her hip while they were in Overland Park in June.

One of the women said she was homeless and depressed when she began working as a prostitute. She said she was taken from Hannibal, Mo., to the St. Louis area, where she reportedly was forced to have sex with Dailey, Miller and two other men.

She was threatened with “extreme violence and death” if she did not continue working as a prostitute, she told police.

Miller allegedly drove her from city to city in Kansas and Missouri, forcing her to engage in sex with men. He would keep all of the money, she said.

According to court documents filed in Horne’s case, an undercover officer answered an online ad and arranged to pay the 18-year-old woman $150 for oral sex.

The woman was driven to the meeting site by Horne, according to the documents. She and Horne were arrested.

The woman later told investigators that she had met Horne through an online dating website.

Investigators viewed text messages on her cellphone in which Horne encouraged her to work for him, according to the allegations.

He reportedly told her he wanted her to be “my lil business woman/escort” and promised to protect her and show her “the ropes.”

From Thursday to Sunday, the FBI said its agents partnered with local law enforcement in Kansas City and seven other cities in Kansas and Missouri to identify victims of human trafficking.

The operation was the 10th such effort undertaken by the FBI and included 55 different field offices. This year, agents for the first time carried the investigation to other countries, including Canada, Cambodia, the Philippines and Thailand.

In Canada, authorities recovered 16 children. In Cambodia, Thailand and the Philippines, agents recovered 25 children, including a 2-year-old girl.

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