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Charges in escape and attack on Wyandotte County deputy

A sheriff’s deputy was back at work on office duty Friday after a brutal attack Wednesday by an escaping prisoner in which the deputy was subjected to a Taser several times and her head was slammed against the floor.

The man accused of assaulting her, 25-year-old Lamario J. Stayton, was charged Friday in Wyandotte County with aggravated robbery, battery on a correctional officer and aggravated escape from custody. He already was in jail facing charges of second-degree murder and aggravated battery.

According to authorities, the deputy was preparing to chain Stayton to three other shackled prisoners after a court appearance to escort them back to jail. When the deputy unlocked the holding cell and told Stayton to emerge, he allegedly lunged at her and threw her against the wall.

Lt. Kelli Bailiff, a spokeswoman for the Wyandotte County Sheriff’s Department, said the deputy reached for her Taser but, in the scuffle, did not hit the prisoner. He then allegedly grabbed her arm or the Taser and turned the device on her, striking her in the face, including near the eye, and elsewhere on her body.

“She said she couldn’t even count the number of times,” Bailiff said.

Stayton also allegedly pushed the deputy to the floor, struck her numerous times with his fists and slammed her head against the floor. The attack lasted about 10 minutes, while the other prisoners stood by. The attacker then removed his jail jumpsuit and fled in just boxer shorts and socks.

He ran north to Minnesota Avenue, where an off-duty Kansas City, Kan., police officer began chasing him. That officer was wounded in the arm when the suspect jumped a fence. The suspect was apprehended shortly afterward.

Stayton was in jail charged with killing a man and a woman last August outside a motorcycle club near 16th Street and Roswell Avenue in Kansas City, Kan. Laura Michie, 40, and Monty Taylor, 54, were shot to death. Bond in the new case against Stayton is $500,000.

Bailiff said the deputy who was attacked was able to call for help: “She’s a tough cookie.”