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Letters to the editor: Pokémon Go, Li’l Abner and the party of Lincoln

Trump’s backing

Dear President Barack Obama: I think you’ll be sorely disappointed if you’re waiting for Sen. John McCain, House Speaker Paul Ryan, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and other GOP so-called leaders to withdraw their support of Republican presidential nominee Trump merely because of Trump’s obvious lack of qualifications to hold the office of the presidency.

One needs only to look back to August 2008 when McCain selected Sarah Palin as his vice presidential running mate and the rest of the GOP leadership lauded her vision and wisdom. Trump is just another cog in the sad GOP tradition of trying to shove imbeciles down the throats of American voters.

They succeeded with electing George W. Bush president, and God help us all if these hypocrites ever succeed again.

Verne Christensen


Li’l Abner wisdom

The thing is, if you preach hate long enough, you will get hate. If you shout obvious lies long enough, you will get lies, and all the children in school will believe that lying is what they are supposed to do.

In my over eight decades on the planet, this time around, the best answer to all of this was in a Li’l Abner comic strip, when Al Capp had Mammy Yokum say, “Good is better than evil, because it’s nicer.”

Thanks to all the great cartoonist who used to have solid answers to all of our problems.

Richard C. Lumpkin

Prairie Village

Pokémon craze

I’ve played the summer craze Pokémon GO. “Catching” imaginary creatures is an extra incentive to reach 10,000 steps a day and doesn’t require more time or attention than reading a text message.

You can leave your phone in your pocket, respond with a thumb flick when it vibrates, and then put it away — all without breaking stride.

In my walks, I’ve seen a more unsettling approach to the game. A parent drives a kid to a park in their sport utility vehicle. Leaving the SUV engine running, the parent spends money to “lure” game creatures to that stationary location while the child sits in the car catching them.

This goes on for 30 minutes. Thirty minutes of sitting in a running car in a parking lot.

Might I suggest an alternative? Try game “incense” (a mobile personal “lure”), and go on a walk with your child. Nintendo (et al.) still makes a profit; you still spend time with your child; the chances of catching ’em all are still increased; and you trade gas for exercise.

Sarah Kabala

Overland Park

Vichy Republicans

It is beyond me how Republican leaders who have endorsed GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump are forced to come to his defense and disavow what he has said on a daily basis. You would think that they would take back their endorsements.

A famous Republican once said, “Country first, party second.” Yet, these Vichy Republicans from Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell to House Speaker Paul Ryan and all the way down the line, refuse to withdraw their endorsements from a very dangerous man.

They put their party first, and their country second. The party of President Abraham Lincoln, shaped by the likes of Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck and Fox News for the last 20 years have created a party unlike Lincoln could have ever imagined.

Pulling back the curtain, the Republican Party now has been exposed. Fully one-third of its base is angry, xenophobic, homophobic, self-serving closet racists full of avarice, prejudice and self-entitlement. This third dominates the support for standard bearer Donald Trump.

Yet, Republican leaders, unlike those young Republicans who stormed the beaches of Normandy on D-Day, lack the courage and respect for the country to call a spade a spade. These Vichy Republicans will not stand up and do the right thing.

For them, no line is drawn too far between party loyalty and the blatant disrespect and dangerous rantings of an unqualified television reality star and his search for an audience. Their lack of courage to do the right thing says volumes about their ability to lead this country during these uncertain times.

Lincoln would be appalled, and our fathers would be appalled.

Tom Davis


Trump as president?

Based on Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump’s comments, he has narcissistic personality disorder, which is characterized by:

▪ An inflated sense of one’s importance.

▪ A conceited, boastful and pretentious behavior. Trump often brags about his wealth and success.

▪ Belittling others perceived as inferior. Mr. Trump mocked a disabled man at a campaign rally, and he often resorts to name-calling, much like a schoolyard bully.

▪ Insulting and devaluing others. He spews hatred for other countries, religion, races and women. Recently, he showed disrespect for the Khans, a Gold Star Muslim family whose son was killed in Iraq.

▪ Taking advantage of others to get what he wants. Trump University deceived students, who paid thousands of dollars in tuition, and Trump refused to pay contractors who worked for him.

▪ Being preoccupied with power and success.

▪ Insisting on having the best of everything, like his elaborate and enormous homes.

▪ Exaggerating achievements, although Trump has filed for bankruptcy four times.

▪ Relationship difficulties. Trump has been married three times.

Donald Trump’s narcissistic personality disorder renders him unfit and unqualified to become president of the United States.

Jane Toliver


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